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Day two first session review

KP and Ian Bell started as they finished last night, going at 5 an over and putting on a breezy 90odd to add to the 192 they put on together last night.  It’s the highest ever 4th wicket partnership against South Africa.

KP then gloved a steepling riser from Morkel, and walked before Harper had to tell him, out for 152.

Fucking silly KP and his nervous 150’s!  Some problem to have that, eh kiddywinks.

Colly came in, looked nervous and was done, well and truly by Billy Bowden.  Harris bowled one that went with the arm (does he have any other delivery?), and it hit pad, and a sharp catch from Amla, and that was that.

Little Timmy must be hoping that they continue to bowl as they have done so far, short and wide, just like Boucher.  Boucher, had a shocker behind the stumps this morning too, looking exceedingly ordinary to the dipping, swinging ball, after pitching.

All in all, The England’s session.

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Poor old Tim.

you and are must be brothers or something, both using kiddywinks in a blog post in the same 10 minutes. Sppooooooooooky. And, boooooooorrriinng.

Comment by Spigot

Bells current best for england is 162 statfans….

Comment by Spigot

Old bean, if you remember,i told you sometime ago that The England’s chances of being #2 depends a lot on the outcome of this series. From what i have seen yesterday and in the two sessions today, i think The England revival is pretty much on the cards. If not for that ginger collingwood and the look-imperial-while-getting-out Vaughany, their batting looks a good package. And if they can find a better spinner than Monty for places other than Old Trafford, they can be the #2 team.
But i don’t want to eat my words a yet. But watch out Missy, Suavey’s turning out to be true.

Comment by 12th Man

didn’t you feel it is good enough. 500+ on board.

Comment by Neno Cricket

Cor, the way the Saffers are bowling, we can look forward to maiden test century from Broad!

Comment by Dave

Spigot, as they say great minds and all that gubbins. The little ginger fella has surpassed that score easily thanks to the ineptitude of this attack!
12th man, I’m in the running so far..
And neno cricket, no, the last two times we scored 500 runs in the 1st innings there, we drew both. I reckon there going to try for 600 then spend three days bowling them out. Or it’ll fizzle out into another high scoring draw.

Comment by Suave

I don’t know, these English batsmen just convert their starts into big scores! 152 for Pietersen and now 199 for Ian Bell!

Comment by Dave

Goodness – noble IRB has thrown away his wicket on 199 so Cap’n Vaughan can declare. What a team player!

Comment by Ceci Masters

I say burn the bastards!!

Good ole Reg, always looking out for the team!

Comment by Suave

Canny Bell knows that he’ll get more media mileage from being out for 199 than 200 and something. Sue Barker’s no doubt writing a quesiton about it right this minute (she does write all the questions on AQOS, doesn’t she?)

Comment by Mel

@ suave ….

Then its problem with pitches and not bowlers. Do you agree with it……

Anything bowler respected pitch can give you results.

Comment by Neno Cricket

any way suave. Added your famous and most cricket targeted blog in a blogroll..

Comment by Neno Cricket

Neno, but The England took three wickets on the same pitch this morning! Is it pitch or bowlers, now?

I’ll add you to my blogroll too!

Comment by Suave

Could not comment suave.

I have not seen the pitch and nor analysed it. So the god knows what a hell about pitch is

Comment by Hitesh

bored, bored, bored, boring, bored, bored, bored.

Comment by Rob

…it didn’t get much better.

Comment by Rob

You know who is breezy…

Do you like to fight injustice?

Yes, that is truly an exceptional quality you have.

Please sign the Save our Bill Lawry petition to keep the Corporate vultures from ending the career of our favourite excitable one.

Think of the children.

Comment by jrod

Suavey mate, who’s the person in your profile pic?

Comment by 12th Man

12th Man, sorry for the delay, but I’ve been a busy boy.

It’s Terry Thomas, the Suavest dude to have walked this fine planet.

Comment by Suave

Terry Thomas!! Sir Hiss! My favourite Disney villain ever!

He died alone and lonely. Apparently.

Comment by Miss Field

Hi sauve, i am requesting to have a new post. I can not wait longer for any new post.

Comment by Neno Cricket

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