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Stuart Broad
February 8, 2008, 11:12 am
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My daddy was a batsman, I am a bowler, and child star.  How bout that!

Young buck Stuart Broad’s latest England publicity shot.

You can see the anger in his eyes.

New Zealand batsmen, beware!

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Straight out of Life on Mars.

Comment by Miss Field

He is an alien, the broadster..

And he’s about ready to devour the Kiwi’s batsmens souls.

Comment by republiquecricket

If it was any other team than New Zealand (or you know, Bangladesh) I’d say… you wish.

Comment by Miss Field

We’ll see.. I reckon we’ll be rightfully back to no 2 before you know it..

Comment by republiquecricket

I think you’re catching delusion.

Wanna bet?

Comment by Miss Field

That depends on what we’re betting on…

Rather, I mean, what are the winnings?

Comment by republiquecricket

“I reckon we’ll be rightfully back to no 2 before you know it..”

That… although we’ll have to set some sort of time frame, within the next ten years is a bit generous.

Comment by Miss Field

Ohh. I don’t know. I’ll have a think, between reading my fan-mail and fending off suitors.

Comment by Miss Field

good lass! I think by the end of 2009.

Comment by republiquecricket

Hmm ok well that’s a fair while away, so it needs something reasonably significant or symbolic to be worthy of all the hype and media coverage of the bet that’s bound to snowball between now and then. The Ashes pales in comparison! Any ideas?

Comment by Miss Field

Actually, I reckon by the end of 2008. We would have played south africa home and away, and india away. That should restore us to our rightful place!

Comment by republiquecricket

k, you’re on. This is test, yeah? I still don’t know what the bet should be.

Comment by Miss Field

I think I’m going crazy. I wrote something here and it’s gone!

I think you’re crazeh too. But hey, you’re on. This is test ranking yes? And any ideas about what the bet should be?

Comment by Miss Field

Ahhh! there it is!

certify me!

Comment by Miss Field

For some reason, that one post needed to be moderated.. Which was queer.

Test only..

I’ll keep thinking

Comment by republiquecricket

I’m glad Broad doesn’t have the same haircut as Anne Widdecombe any more.

Comment by The Atheist

Someone should tell Broad the mascara (?sp) look just does not work…

Comment by Sportsfreak

A hundred bucks? Unoriginal but the best I can come up with atm.

Comment by Miss Field

I’m going to create some sort of poll, or a post about the bet, and see if anyone can come up with a decent forfeit.. money is so passé

Comment by republiquecricket

Yes you’re right. If you don’t mind I’ll copy the html and stick it on mine, although more people will see yours.

Comment by Miss Field

I’m not so sure.. I had a popularity spike, then I got the lurgy, and I’m at the bottom of the ladder again!

Comment by republiquecricket

Stuey should cut his hair. it looks weird on him now that he is 22 haha..

Broady was awesome during the Tests against the Kiwis. think they’ll let him play when NZ tours Eng?

Comment by Jay

welcome jay, i should bloody hope so. He’s got a bit of fire in him, he can bat a bit. I’d say after hairybottom, he’s next on the team sheet.

Comment by Suave

I love stiart broad so you ought to be careful what you say!

Comment by Candy milo

wow he used to look that hot and now look whats happend, which is code talm for we are all screwed

Comment by howeldcricket

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