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Alastair Cook in “I want to be like the orphan eating, bear like, f*ck head” shocker!
February 20, 2008, 3:08 pm
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 FEC Alastair Cook.

I want to be a bludgeoning, flat track bully..

The following is taken from an Assosciated Press release from yesterday…  I caught wind of it, listening to Nasser Hussain & Michael Atherton, and thought I’d explore it further..

The Essex left-hander, who has developed impressively as an opener in the shortened format of the game since making his debut nearly two years ago, said: “The ideal role model is someone like Matthew Hayden, who has pretty much got the all-round game – he can hit sixes and he can hit singles to rotate the strike as well.

“If I’m looking at someone to follow, he would be where I’d like to end up at some stage. It is not going to happen after one day or one series, but work over time can get me somewhere close to it.”

Fucking hell man..  A good Essex lad, dreaming of being like Matthew Hayden.

I’m feeling a little bloated, after eating four orphans at lunch..

It’s making me weep in to my afternoon tea!

How in the name of WG Grace, do you expect to change from a technically correct, defensive player, into a flat track bully, with a tendancy to eat small children?

The worlds gone mad, I tells ya!

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Can Alistar cook?
Hayden can cook.
Cook should learn to Hayden.
That should settle it.

Comment by Naked Cricket


Can Alastair cook?
Mathew can cook.
Cook should learn to Hayden.
That should settle it.

Comment by Naked Cricket

how very true! We’ll have to ask the young lad whether he can hayden! Cook was a choir boy, i bet old fathead can’t sing.

Comment by suave

Cook can dream on and good luck to him too!

Actually Matthew sang on a few tracks of Brett Lee’s band’s last album. He sounds like Chris Cornell met Robbie Williams.

Comment by Miss Field

I read on a blog recently that Alistair wears eye liner, any truth to that?

Comment by Uncle J Rod

shut the fuck up he doesnt….and even if he does it suits him……fuckers…

Comment by xaynub malik

Yes, he bought it off Suave, who got it from The Atheist, who’s running a lucrative black market eyeliner business. Hence the credit card scam.

Comment by Miss Field

Interesting, i wonder how the evil dragons are involved.

Comment by Uncle J Rod

They’re involved purely for the sex old boy!

Comment by republiquecricket

alastair cook is awsomejust deal with it…dont b jelous cz u cnt b like him…what he says is right….u ppl shut the fuck up……

Comment by xaynub malik

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