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How to bring down Sehwagology, Part I
Danny V was fast as lightning!

Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting...

How do you get rid of Lord Sehwag, when he’s in great nick?

Ask Daniel Vettori, The Geek of Tweak!   According to this photo, it’s Kung Fu.

If you wanna bring down the big man, get the auld Bruce Lee skills out.

Danny V obviously has the skillz to pay the billz, and got Our Lord with some martial art madness!

So bowlers of the world, get down to your local Dojo’s and get training.  It’s the only way!

Tweet Tweet.
March 20, 2009, 10:31 am
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Hello boys and girls.  Suave has been on a little sabbatical, as life has got in the waym (as you’re probably aware), but you can still see some of my smaller shit on Twitter.

I update there regularly, and felt I should make you aware of my little place in Twitterland.

Suave’s Twitter Home

I will be bringing La Republique back online shortly, but need to find a new house, and sort some other shit out, so I’d guess that it’ll be in time for the beginning of the county season.

I may kick things off before that, but I will let you all know.  Any update to La Republique will be placed in my twitter feed anyway, so keep em peeled.

I love you all.  Except you! You’re a shithead fucktard.