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A Fail just for King Cricket!

A Fail just for King Cricket!

Dear King Cricket, the most anti-social of cricket bloggers has threatened to bounce me off the moon if I don’t create a FAIL Picture.  Admittedly, he’d have to leave Manchester and talk to people to find me, so I’m sure I’ll be fine!

Alas, here it is, just for you.   However, I’ve only made Jacques Kallis a Fail, rather than an Epic Fail, as the bowling he was facing, was of the highest quality you’re likely to see.  Flintoff was on fire, and he had Kallis plumb in front, which alarmingly Dar turned down?  Fred was pissed.   There’s no finer bowler in world cricket than an angry Fred, with 30,000 people roaring him on!

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I think Freddie is attempting to usurp your HULK RAGE look here (but I don’t think I’d accuse him of plagarism if I were you)

Comment by Ceci Masters

Less Incredible Hulk, more Hulk Hogan I think, Ceci.

Comment by Dave

I like the fact Collingwood still has his hands on his knees even though the ball has taken the off peg out of the ground. Lucky it wasn’t an edge or Flintoff would really have hulk smashed someone.

Comment by Park

For a change, it was not Michael Vaughan!

Comment by 12th Man

Actual bliss.

Comment by King Cricket

Ceci, even I’m not that stupid. His hands are like shovels, one slap from them, and he’d have my head off, or he’d at least bounce me off the moon.
Those lancastrians like that, apparently.

I nearly did a sex wee after that passage of play. If only there were a few more fellows that were that proud to play for The England.

Comment by Suave

Flintoff – cuts a fine figure of a man – even on the radio!

Comment by SixSixEight

Speaking of fail, how about Essex being all out for 78 chasing 281?

Comment by Dave

Dave, that’s superb!!

Southend is a shit ground, but 78! that’s shocking with a capital “YOU’RE ALL FUCKING SHIT!”

Comment by Suave

Half the team managed to get out to Robert Croft, too. His five wickets cost him six runs. And I don’t mean each!

Comment by Dave

Dar has a sense of theatre.

Comment by J Rod

GBH just ripped two in two. On a hat-trick.

Comment by horatius

can someone please explain to an american as to why this is a fail?

Comment by Dave Z

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