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I done did the stuff.
March 29, 2010, 8:49 pm
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Hitchhiking to Hampshire
How queer, a lift to Lanchashire..

This is the first draft of my journey.  There are large gaps in the schedul due to 20/20 and Pr0 40, as I wanted to keep this all about first class cricket.  By that, I mean four day championship cricket.

There are some teams I’d love to see more of, including my home county of Essex, but no, I get lumbered having to watch Middlesex 5 times in one season.  The plus side to this, is that I get to see Iain O’Brien spangled on Sodium Diclofenac all over the country!

County Opposition Date Location
Essex Hampshire April 9th Chelmsford
Middlesex Glamorgan April 15th Lords
Surrey Glamorgan May 4th Oval
Kent Warwickshire May 5th Canterbury
Sussex Middlesex May 6th Hove
Hampshire Somerset May 10th The Rose Bowl
Somerset Yorkshire May 17th Taunton
Gloucestershire Middlesex June 28th Bristol
Glamorgan Middlesex August 16th Swalec Stadium
Worcestershire Surrey August 17th New Road
Northants Gloucestershire August 18th Northampton
Leicestershire Surrey August 24th Grace Road
Warwickshire Essex August 25th Edgbaston
Derbyshire Middlesex August 26th Derby
Notts Yorkshire September 7th Trent Bridge
Lancashire Nottinghamshire September 13th Old Trafford
Yorkshire Kent September 14th Headingley
Durham Somerset September 15th Riverside

A Season In The Stands
March 29, 2010, 5:23 pm
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Suave’s journey to the heart of county cricket

I recently went through a rather bad case of bronchitis that kept me awake almost all night, for nigh on two weeks.  I was hacking and coughing my rotten lungs, and felt like shit.  Towards the end of this period, I’d discovered the wonder of Night Nurse, and I suddenly managed to get some much needed sleep.  However, there were side effects to this sleep aid; Lucid, almost hallucinegic dreams, and moments of pure clarity.
It was during one of these moments, that the idea for this book was formed.

At 3.30am one day in February, I awoke and started writing notes into the book by the side of my bed.  I then fell back into deep, spangled sleep.
The next morning, after doing some work, I happened to look in my notebook and see a stream of consciousness put into words, within.
Here is what I’d written…

Idea…visit all 18county grds. do it on the cheap. hitchhike.blag.jumpfences sofasurf.  interview eccentrics and quirks.  write it.  A season in the stands, suave’s journey to the heart of county cricket.

So this is it, this is my pilgramage to the county cricket clubs of England & Wales.

I will be updating this site, as soon as I have more details, but I’m going to need your help kids.  I will need entrance to games, I need lifts or train tickets or bicycles or anything you can to help me get to all 18 grounds, and I need you to follow and support me, wherever I go.

I’m doing this off my own back, for literally fuck all, so any help you can give me, would be much appreciated.

Any one who helps will be mentioned in the book.

Check it over at

You can contact me at