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Alastair Cook in “I can play in pyjamas” shocker.

Cook, Broad & Anderson Naked

Opening day of the 20/20 championship, and The Essex were down at Canterbury to face the lowly Kent.

Alastair Cook opens the innings.

Then it all gets weird.

He scored lots, and quickly.  What the fuck is going on?  I fear the end is nigh children.  Bunker up, and await the Apocalypse.

80 from 56 balls.  QUE?!

Strangely enough, I know he can do that more regularly.  I watched him smash a double century at a run a ball, against Australia (Lee, Gillespie, Tait, MacGill, Kasprowicz) in 2005.

Why does he not do it more?  Because he’s an eyeliner wearing little shitbag..   I’m hoping this is changing, and his bollocks have actually dropped.

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lets hope so, the idea of cook scoring a run a ball hundred on the first morning at cardiff would be great fun.

However the act is so mindboggling unlikely if it were to happen a rift in the space time continium would occur swallowing him whole and destroying our entire universe.

That or Ponting’s head would explode out of disbelief.

Comment by Narkins

I’d rather see Ponting’s head assploding, but it wouldn’t be a bad way go, if it was the former.

Comment by Suave

Thanks for posting that picture again Suave, it’s still as frightening as it used to be.

I wonder if Eyeliner has an identical twin brother? I see he hit a six as well – deliberate or top edge over the keeper?

Comment by Dave

It’s about as creepy as it gets, especially Cooky and his hobbit feet.

By all accounts, he actually meant it, smashing the leather off the ball to all parts. We’ll see if he can carry it on.

Comment by Suave

All the nudie boys appear to have done good lately. Perhaps Prior ought to keep wicket nude to bring him up to scratch

Comment by Ceci

That’s not a bad call, but it’s definitely something I don’t need to be seeing!

Would you drop a catch if it was going to smack you in the unprotected crown jewels? I don’t think so.

Comment by Suave

It’s just so irresponsible to drag this picture up again – just rather makes me hope that Simon Jones and Lurch Tremlett will never be off the sicknote list ever again.

Comment by SixSixEight

77 off 55!!!
The end is nigh

Comment by xxclairexx

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