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Shoaib Akhtar Has Genital Warts
Shoaib shows his warts to Geoff Lawson

Shoaib shows his warts to Geoff Lawson

The PCB have just released a press statement saying that the skin problem Shoaib Akhtar was suffering from is genital viral warts!

What the fuck is that all about, surely they didn’t need to state exactly what was wrong with the fella?!

Who out there didn’t believe it to be an STD?

Not fucking many of you, I wager.

I’m glad they did mind, cos this is comedy gold!

This has got to be the first time anyone has been pulled from a tournament due to an STD, hasn’t it?

The dirty fucker,  and I mean that literally!  There’s going to be thousands of men & women all over the subcontinent and beyond, suddenly booking themselves into the local clap clinic.

I reckon that’s why Dildo went back to India, to get himself checked out.  We know he loves a bif of cock, and that’s why he’s not at the IPL now.  I wonder if Fake IPL Player has any news on this

Joy O’ Joy.

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