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You cheap fuckers
May 20, 2009, 8:27 am
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You tight cunts, couldn't afford a five, eh?!

You tight cunts, couldn't afford a five, eh?!

So 50 days to go.

One of the young lackeys has a bright idea “hey boss,  why don’t we ask someone to bake a cake to celebrate that fact”.

“Good idea junior, it’ll look great for the photo’s, get on it!”.

What you get back is a shower of shit, with someone putting an upside down 20, instead of a 50 on the top.

Fuck my old boots, did you not expect anyone to notice?!  Dumb cunts.

That is all.

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Good to see someone swearing their ass of again on the blogosphere..

Comment by Q

You’re blogging! Hooray!!! Btw I owe you 1 embarrassing shirt. You going to the Ashes at all?

Comment by Miss Field

Hey Q. Fancy seein u here 🙂

Comment by Miss Field

Hey MF! .. u’d c me more often if u visit more blogs 🙂

Comment by Q

Thanks Q, it’s good to be back!

Missy, I will be going to at least one test and one ODI. Maybe more, depending on work, so I will be available for embarassing shirt wearing duties!

Comment by Suave

Hooray! Must make this shirt… what’s your shirt size?

Q it’s nothing personal, I only ended up here because the dude linked to it on Twitter (another reason to Tweet my friend). I will live to visit Well Pitched again!

Comment by Miss Field

I’m a medium. 38-40″chest.

Yes Q, twitter’s where it’s at.

Comment by Suave

I wasn’t only talking about Well Pitched MF, was being very general 🙂 .. I chase u on FB, I chase u on blogger, I chase u on gmail.. u want me chasing u on twitter as well? 😉

Comment by Q

Facebook is for old people, Q.

Twitter’s where the cool kids hang.

Comment by Suave

So I hear… but just haven’t gotten down to it.. maybe cos im an old fat couch potato 😉

Comment by Q

O mote, sidha khara ho, mota aaloo, sara alloo.
Get thee on twitter. takes two seconds. then you can whore your blog on their too, like the rest of us blog whores.

Comment by Suave

I see that u learned how to sledge at Inzi whenever he came down during the summers.. well Done!

Comment by Q

Not really I googled potato pakistan, and that came up. Perfect opportunity to use it!

Comment by Suave

Well.. aloo=potato.. Inzi was called that all his life.. mote=fatty.. seedha kara ho=stand up straight.. sarra aalo=rotten potato..

And that line that u got from google was what was said by the spectator in Canada who Inzi hit with a bat.. remember that?

Comment by Q

Thanks Q. You’re a scholar and a gentleman.

Comment by Suave

I thought that was Ponting’s birthday cake until I saw the ‘days to go’ bit underneath.

Comment by Dave

I don’t really like wishing death upon anyone, but maybe it could be his death cake?!

Comment by Suave

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