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Thank You ‘Strayan Selectors.
Symonds crying like a baby.

Symonds crying like a baby.

If there’s one fella The England didn’t want to have to face this year, for The Ashes, it was Andrew Symonds.

We hate him, because he’s good.   He loves to smash a Pom.

In the last ashes series, Symonds came good in test match cricket.  The England had fuck all on the board, in the 4th test, and Australia started their 1st innings, trying to get an imposing lead.  Suddenly Freddie fired up, and The England had Australia at 83/5.  In came Symonds, and along with OrphanEatingBearLikeFuckhead, destroyed The England.  They put on 279 at over 4rpo, and destroyed any hopes of gettting a consolation win.

So we salute you ‘Strayan administracats, for sending the ginger in his place.

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I was surprised at his omission too. Oztrya fielded a side without Symonds and got thrashed in India.

Does that come across as a good sign for the Poms? Sure Yes.

Comment by 12th Man

We’ll still lose, don’t fear. Here’s to getting thrashed by a side with a shit ginger, or a glass all-rounder.

Comment by Suave

Can’t work out if you mean McDonald and Watson or Colly and Fred.

Comment by Dave

You’ve rumbled my ruse Dave. Bravo, you win a prize.

Comment by Suave

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