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Hitting it well in the nets
May 20, 2009, 3:18 pm
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How queer!

How queer!

If there’s one thing you constantly hear about Michael Vaughan, it’s that he’s hitting it well in the nets.

Now look at that photo above, and by jove, the fucker is!

There’s no green edges, it’s all middle.

If anyone knows what the green shit is from, or where the balls come from, I’d be intrigued.   I see lots of green marks on international cricketers bats, but have never seen a green ball.  When we use a bowling machine, they’re either yellow or red, and they don’t leave marks.

I’m guessing that Michael looks great for a pristine 20, then gets done by a straight one, but you never know.

If only he could do it in the middle more.  That would be nice.


Well fuck my old boots.  What do you know.  He really is hitting it well in the middle.  This time around though, he’s good at one day cricket, and shit over the longer term.

He’s averaging over 50 in pyjama’s this year.  His career average is 29.

The world really is going wonky.


Ha!  I’ve jinxed him.  46 is his season average now.   Out LBW for 74.   Still good mind, but he’s not hit a century in OD games for ages.  He’s only scored 3 centuries in 360 odd List A and ODI matches.  Michael Vaughan will be very disappointed not to cash in on a flat deck at the oval.  In fact Michael Vaughan might get so angry he only communicates with himself in the third person.

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Alright, let’s pick him for the one-dayers.

Comment by Dave

I had that thought, when KP was announced injured. Then I thought, no, fuck off. you’re an auld fella who’s had his chance.

Comment by Suave

The green marks are grass stains. It could either come from a ball that has rolled on the outfield or from Vaughan wiping his hands on the bat..after wiping his a.. with grass. 🙂

Comment by Ottayan

Not sure it’s grass. Probably paint, from his wonderful artworks!

Comment by Suave

I guess you are symphathetic as well as angry on him.

Comment by 12th Man

Suave, I meant pick him for the one-dayers against the Aussies – just to really rub it in that he’s not in the Ashes squad.

Comment by Dave

12th Man. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate MV at all, I love to watch him bat, when he’s in form. I just think he should put the pads away.

That could be quite funnny Dave. Especially if we had won the ashes. He’d then have to play seven games with ashes winners.

Comment by Suave

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