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How to bring down Sehwagology, Part I
Danny V was fast as lightning!

Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting...

How do you get rid of Lord Sehwag, when he’s in great nick?

Ask Daniel Vettori, The Geek of Tweak!   According to this photo, it’s Kung Fu.

If you wanna bring down the big man, get the auld Bruce Lee skills out.

Danny V obviously has the skillz to pay the billz, and got Our Lord with some martial art madness!

So bowlers of the world, get down to your local Dojo’s and get training.  It’s the only way!

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you is back! YAY!

Dandy Dan’s kung fu fighting (dededede de de de de deeee) pose is teh perfectshun.

Comment by miriam

Partially.. After the move, I’ve decided to crack one out, every day 😉

He’s obviously got a deceptive change of pace, cos Sehwag’s missed him with his attacking shot by miles!

Comment by Suave

He even has the kung-fu fist – go Dan – mow down the false idols!

xxxxx to the return of the Suave one – but fear mightily o England if you screw up this arvo for HULK SMASHING may be on the menu

Comment by ceci

There’s a lot of smashin’ to be done, and it’s got Suave’s name all over it.

If you want it done properly, you’ve got to do it yourself!

Comment by Suave

Great to see you back here!

Comment by Miss Field

Thanks lovely!

Comment by Suave

One thing is it me or is dan obscenely high off the ground. Its clearly a mighty leap

Comment by Narkins

Narkins, it’s the only way you can defeat The Almighty. Super High Kung-Fu. Dan knows hang time, you see.

Comment by Suave

It is one giant leap for a Kiwi.

Comment by Miss Field

Had someone been there with the tape, I think Javier Sotomayer’s world record would have not survived. Sehwag had hit the previous ball for a six and this was shorter and well outside the off-stump and he went for it again. At times, I don’t know what i want to do with this braindead buccaneer.

Comment by Som

I came back here looking for The England’s hulk smashing. Please let it be soon!

Comment by miriam

Mims, I didn’t see it. I was shipping The Gris off to my sisters, so I can move in peace & safety. Just saw the highlights, but am two bottles of fine wine in, and not feeling the rage now.

Let’s see how I’m feeling in the morn.

Comment by Suave

Mr. Suave, today was the day when i was literally angry as fuck at the God of Sehwagology when he threw his wicket away.

Comment by 12th Man

Literally as angry as fuck, 12th Man – you mean this angry?

Sorry to lower the tone of Suave’s esteemed organ, but there has been some debate as to whether this is Colly’s angry sex face…

Comment by ceci

That pic summed up my mood Ceci. Good one.

Comment by 12th Man

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