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March 20, 2009, 10:31 am
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Hello boys and girls.  Suave has been on a little sabbatical, as life has got in the waym (as you’re probably aware), but you can still see some of my smaller shit on Twitter.

I update there regularly, and felt I should make you aware of my little place in Twitterland.

Suave’s Twitter Home

I will be bringing La Republique back online shortly, but need to find a new house, and sort some other shit out, so I’d guess that it’ll be in time for the beginning of the county season.

I may kick things off before that, but I will let you all know.  Any update to La Republique will be placed in my twitter feed anyway, so keep em peeled.

I love you all.  Except you! You’re a shithead fucktard.

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Oh lord Suave – you used to satisfy me most prodigiously in your republican manner at least once a day, and then you faded to once or twice a week – and bugger all since the end of Jan – just little teasing tweets and twitters since then. Come back soon!

Comment by Ceci

I will lovely, I promise. Once I’ve got this house shite sorted, I’ll be back in black, and back on track.

Comment by Suave

Even a little tweet is better than nothing – good luck with sorting out your shit and look forward to you being back with a vengeance by the start of the domestic season. xx

Comment by Mel

Great. Suave’s back from his crystal-meth rehab. Good to have you back. Lot of hulk-smashin’ to be done. Especially that wanker Flinty for taking a hat-trick. Very un-English.

Comment by horatius

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