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Best ODI All-rounder? Really?!
Fuck off, he's not that good.

Fuck off, he's not that good.

Shakib Al Hasan is now top of the ICC’s ODI All-rounders list, ahead of Jacques Kallis, Andrew Flintoff and Jacob Oram.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the boy’s got talent, but top?  fuck right off.

If you had to pick a guy to rescue an innings against top quality opposition, who would you pick?

If you had to choose a bowler to go for next to no runs on all wickets?

Someone to scare the bejeesus out of middle order batsman?

It ain’t fucking Shakib, I can tell you that much.

Come on now, we all know the ICC rankings are shit, but this takes the piss.

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it’s just on a performance basis and he has done very well with a very inexperienced and far from solid team.

He is only 22 on top of that! Can’t really compare him to Flint or Kallis or Oram yet can we?

Comment by krishna

He scores runs, takes wickets and has been his country’s only consistent performer for the last six months. Seems fair enough to me – he might not scare the shit out of batsmen but he can still get them out.

Comment by Dave

But he’s not bowling any decent sides out, or scoring big runs against them.. He’s OK, but there’s no way he’s better than the three mentioned, I don’t reckon he’s as good as the NZ skipper, who scores runs and takes wickets too..

Comment by Suave

I think it’s time the kittens get more chances to ply their wares. They seem to have two good players and a decent coach.

Comment by horatius

It would be good to see them play a bit more often, but nearly every time they do, they get spanked!

Comment by Suave

The others aren’t bowling anyone out or scoring big runs either. A few fifties here, a couple of three-wicket hauls there. No hundreds, no five-fors.

And even Zimbabwe are decent opposition when you’re Bangladesh. Shakib has got runs and taken wickets against better teams than his, so he’s put in a better all-round performance than anyone else recently.

Comment by Dave

right decision!!! Thanks to ICC

Comment by shishir

Kallis for his consistency and his incredible experience gets my vote…..

Comment by Gary

But the ICC Rankings are based on recent performance, it’s not a career summary!

Comment by Dave

Bangladesh team is coming to spank the big fish.And Shakib Al Hasan is one of the TOP ODI All-rounders and I support it.

Comment by John

Have u seen what he’s done recently Suave? Have u seen what he’s done over the last year and a half? He’s blown away every opposition he has come up against – Pakistan, South Africa, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka… those are the ones he’s played against…

More here:

Comment by Q

Truely Sakib al hasan is the king. He must deserve this. He is playing Brilliantly. Mr SUAVE ur opinion is wrong about this player. Im giving u a advice dont miss to watch any game of Bangladesh. Then you will get the answer. Pakistan will come to Bangladesh. So must watch the game.

Comment by Rony

I’m also prety good supporter of icc’s decission. Yes, obviously it should be a right decission. Because, Sakib is performing really tremendous against the tough team. Thats why he desereved this. And even iccc have must researched it well enough than everyone to give him that position. Though they have very good relation with PCB & ICB.

Comment by Shaykat

R u kidding me? Jack kallis or Flintoff best allrounders in da world

Comment by JOE

Fuck off yourself!!!

You just cant come to terms with reality. And if you say you dont believe in rankings then why sod over them in the first place. Yeah right you believe them when your fancied players are doing well.

Must have given you a bad case of head ached when you heard the news.

Read it and weep, you father foker

Swear all you want you pig, but the ran

Comment by The Truth

Oi cuntbag dont dis the guy so much
ur a fuckin twat ok whats wrong with him
evry1 thinks bangladesh r shit they arnt
tht bad

Comment by RAF

Raf, yes they fucking are!

That’s why they’re at the bottom of the ODI rankings, because they are shit.

Comment by Suave

you are a shit you bitchass fuckin english zombie fucker. do you even fuckin know how to respect. i think you don’t. cause you have no respect you pussy.

Comment by fucked suave

You are just funking pissed cuz u can’t be SHAKIB!!! he is the best!! nothing u say is gonna change it!!! If keep degrading others and show some dedication u can too be there\!!! for now keep ur shitty mout shut!!!

Comment by Rubaba

Bastard!!!!! I am pretty sure u are damn ugly and you can’t get any girl’s attention!! if u think he is good for nothing then what are u?? fucking asshole!!! Why don’t u come down and play!!! if u have the courage!!!!! Even a seven year can beat u!!!! PLUS SHAKIB ROCKS and HE WILL!!!!! plus he is really cute!

Comment by Rubaba

I’m pretty sure you’re wrong on the looks front. They don’t call me Suave for nothing shit for brains…
I am a fucking asshole though. You got that right.

A good 7yr old might beat me, but I’d be laughing all the way.

Welcome to La Republique, Rubaba!

I can’t agree on the cute front, me being a heterosexual an all, but hey, each to their own!

Comment by Suave

So there are some hits from Bangladesh as well. hmm…

Comment by 12th Man

I know, it’s fucking great. If I’d have known I could get angry people from Bangladesh here, I’d be abusing the shit head Kittens every day!

Comment by Suave

you talk like fuckin kid. cause you have nothing to do other than abusing someone on internet. its an easy job to do though. but abusing something is a psychological problem too. so you should go to doctor to check up yourself. understood suave the psycho?

Comment by fucked suave

Do you understand the irony of your comment? I hope so fuckbrains.

Comment by Suave

if you understand that, then that is enough. cause that was written for you cockroach fucker.

Comment by fucked suave

And I’d pay to watch Suavey. It’s just about as much fun as hulk-smashing.

Comment by horatius

Like shooting fish in a barrel, as they say!

Comment by Suave

In other news God “bats” in SAPL.

Comment by horatius

dude, do you really know how to play cricket. cause reading your fuckin short article, i assumed you are fucking illiterate dickhead. cause you are opposing renowned ICC ranking. if Shakib wasnt selected in that list, then fuckin call(boy)is or fuck-flint-off wouldnt be selected there. so you better research player’s performance other then their name before writing any bitch article. got it the pakistani ass-hole. by the way i know suave is a pakistani name. if not then fuck off.

Comment by fucked suave

Hello shit for brains, and welcome!

Do I know how to play cricket, why yes, I do.

Suave is most certainly not Pakistani, I’m a proud The Englishman, I’ll have you know!

The ICC rankings, as far as I can tell are renowned for being shit! Which is exactly what you are full of, you retarded fuck.

Any more, for any more?

Comment by Suave

you made me laugh kid. if the ICC ranking is renowned for being shit then you donkey english shit is renowned for being douche bag. pakistanis are better. your face look like a douche bag too. have you seen your face in mirror recently? dont do that. cause you will cry like a little girl.
alright, let come to the point. remember i said you about researching player’s performance. do that other than wasting time on writing some stupid article. you better get it now. its time to prove yourself a better person. if not then you are just a Cockroach fucker.
Oh! one more thing. check the updated ranking over here .
Shakib is far ahead than fuck-flint-off, and your call(boy)is in 6th position. so, ahem… i guess i better stop here.

Comment by fucked suave

“Oi cuntbag” – that’s pure LOLZ GOLD!

Suavie can you bag some of the other Kittens’ loved ones. The Irish have got to be good for some inspirational language or the Nederlanders they seem pretty uptight.

Comment by Mentalist

whatever!!! kitten’s shits

Comment by fucked suave

first of all as a bangladeshi, i take great pride that one of our allrounder is being debated if he is the top gun! whether he is or not matters little because before 7-8 years before it wouldnt even to our bangladeshi wildest dreams. we didnt even played cricket then!! its a great honor for shakib that he is being debated with flintoff! this menouw is only 22 years old while flitoff may have player 22 years in international cricket!! declaring shakib as top allrounder doesnt degrade others ! but shows that this year shakib scored better than anyother players no matter whatever their lifetime achievement is! icc ranking is done by counting runs and wickets of this year not by public opinion or lifetime achievement. if another white guy from aus or england would be elected u wouldnt complain about it. would u? may be racist attitude hearts to see an bangladeshi gets on top! just to give u some more knowledge bd team already beat all test cricket playing countries ! except england ! (lucky for u ). but we are coming to get u ! moron! by the learn some good language from ur mother cause ur mouth smells like son of a whore!

Comment by anis

Brilliant! Anis, you come and find and me sunshine. I’ll be the well dressed fucker in the corner, swearing like a sailor…

I love the little fella, as I mentioned in the post, but all you play against is shit.
He has the potential to be the best ODI all-rounder in the world, but he isn’t yet.

Batting averages against the top sides below:

Australia: 19.5
India: 36
South Africa:24.5
NZ: 12.5

Not so good them figures..
Now bowling..

Never taken a wicket against England.
Averages over 60 against India
Averages just under 54 against SA. 52 against SL. 48 against Pakistan, 43 against WI!

Brilliant. WORLDS BEST!

Now fuck off..

Comment by Suave

I am very glad to know that Shakib Al Hassan has been selected as ODI number one all rounder. He really deserves. The way he hammers the bowlers all over the ground. Its great fun to watch.

Comment by Abbas Ali

dude those all are averages of performance throughout his career, not throughout this year. show us his bating average this year. evaluate it. then you will know why he is chosen to be #1 all-rounder. dude, if you say that he is not the best allrounder of alltime, then you might wanna check this link . it might help you.
dude, just admit he is one of the best, and yes, cricket is an unpredictable game. you cant say who gonna be at the top. this time its Shakib. next time its probably you or me. if it is racism that you are looking through then i have nothing to say.

Comment by peter

hey!!Shakib doesnt chose his oponents! why dont you bring the batting averages against pakistan, Sri lanka,england! or bowling averages against new zealand !! he fucked them 7-34 in a test! awww you are forgetting another important part economy of a bowler is also a important part! why dont you name someone who always bowls 10 overs for his side and bats at no.3!Yep bangladesh myt nt be a gud side bt they are improving! and for your information shakib also ranks no.2 in the bowler’s list! i wud agree wid you dat he myt nt be the all-tym best but hes damn good! and in case if u dnt remember he hammered English Bowling at world cup 2007 and england got almost beaten and he scored 100 frm jst 63 balls against Zimbabwe! I cant remember any English batsmen do that evn against weaker teams lyk Canada! and u cant forget his 108 against sri lanka or 92* against Sri lanka thats why you didnt give his batting averages against these countries!And ICC rankings aint shit! they do take into account what opponent u are up against! and shakib is just as good against big guns!!

Comment by nafis

108 against Pakistan

Comment by nafis

what a knowledgable and ignorant moron u suave is !! seems u only know the worst part of him but not the best part of him. or its an english trick to blog some selected statistics instead of the score of the year! once again to eduacate you about ranking, its done by current score of a player of this year, not since the cricket was invented! nobody ever said he is best allrounder ever! he is just the best of this year! nobody played better than him this year! this year!!!! comprende moron!! not 5o years of cricket. now admit it or stuff ur mouth with used sanitary napkin! just because he didnt take wicket with england doesnt mean that much! england isnt such a great team!! we beat australia while they were no. 1 in the world. we beat all countries in the world until now except england.

Comment by anis

He’s done it again. No wonder he is the Best All Rounder currently.

So you go fuck yourself off you tosser

Comment by Adam

Excuse me for being OFFTOPIC but what WP theme are you using? It’s looking stunning!

Comment by IncetleunliNe

Benevolence theme by Theron Parlin.

I added my own picture at the top, but it’s almost identical

Comment by Suave

sakib is the best allrounder no matter what the fuckin ppl are saying and thats final

Comment by liton

Trawling again. Wonderful. There was a post on KC when a recent Sri Lanka debutee had a longer name than Chaminder and therefore took over this dubious and monumentally trivial record.
KC opined that it was a pity his mother never saw him play because she died trying to sew his name on his shirts.
There was a similar firestorm from the sub-continent on lack of respect for the matriarch and insensitivity to people with long names.
Its a pity that we planted the flag in these far-flung places and taught the inhabitants English – then we wouldn’t have to be subjected to these asinine [sp ?] tirades from bird-brained, fuck-headed, turd-minded, sphincter-skulled, cunt-cortexed, cock-cerebellumed, cervix-strangled wankers who can’t put together a logical argument without resorting to foul language like what i can.
[hand goes up – please Mr Suave can i have my site badge now].

Comment by pietro

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