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You sick fuckers
January 20, 2009, 2:35 pm
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Here are some of the weirder search engine terms, that brought the dregs of society to La Republique!

the best way to cook a naked woman (WTF, I’ve never cooked a woman before!)

bigsize ladies fucking

fuck 15 old (Legal Disclaimer: That’s not legal, and I’ve no idea how that linked to me?!)

ugly fuckers fucking

your wife will not let you see her naked

is billy bowden homsexual (probably)

wanky fuck me

nathan bracken looks like girl (yes, yes he does!)

my mam is fucking very well (I’d never refer to mother as mam, you sick bastards)

michael hussey+team bus (It wouldn’t surprise me, the pervert)

There was also a lot of “boots, cunts, fuckings”, in many guises.

What a sick lot of fuckers!  As they say, it takes one to know one, eh!

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Shit, I didn’t realise all my search phrases got logged like that. Must be more careful in future.

Comment by Ed

Ed, it doesn’t record who typed it, but I’m sure WordPress keep that somewhere.

Comment by Suave

It’s a great list, but with sex with eveil dragons or Jaques kallis Eunuch? it is missing something.

Comment by jrod

bigsize lady fucking- guilty as charged sir

Comment by damiths

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