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Why Andre Nel is still cool
January 20, 2009, 3:36 pm
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Andre Nel has been banned for one domestic match for “crude or abusive language” in a domestic match between Cobras and Lions on January 4.

Top work crazy boy.  Pussy umpires, can’t handle a bit of swearing?!  I’m assuming they don’t read my site then?

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Crude OR abusive? Presumably the umpire was so shocked and mimsypimsy mouthed he couldn’t even repeat what it was Nel said – just that it wasn’t very nice at all. Fok jou en jou hele familie, umpire!

Comment by Ceci

well is there a possible defense in blaming ‘gunther’ for this? maybe gunther should get the ban? andre would have to play a game without his doppelganger.

Comment by Sunny

look at the form on this appeal though, near perfect

Comment by damiths

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