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Dear Young Pakistani Cricketers….
January 20, 2009, 4:06 pm
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It’s OK to do drugs, as long as you’re not playing in a competiton, lots of love Pakistan Cricket Board.. KTHXBAI.

Look at me, I’m spangled man! Lies lies from tiny eyes.

Drug addled fucknut, Mo Asif, busily scouring the streets for his next hit.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will have no jurisdiction over Mohammad Asif’s detention case in Dubai, when the fast bowler was detained at Dubai Aiport after being caught in possession of opium, in June last year.

The PCB has received a letter from WADA about the case, and though opium is on the list of banned substances – because it contains morphine – the board feels an internal inquiry is the way ahead.

“It [opium] is a drug because it contains morphine,” said Salim Altaf, the chief operating officer of the PCB. “From that perspective it is a banned substance. However, if this drug in the possession of an individual and it’s out of competition, we have to look at that perspective as well. All angles will have to be looked at. I don’t think WADA has any jurisdiction in it.”

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If Asif takes (or possesses) opium outside of competition, it’s an internal matter surely? Just like if he’d been caught on holiday sunning himself on the beach and smoking a joint, it would up to his employer to discipline him.

He probably won’t ever play for Pakistan again, anyway.

Comment by Dave

That’s gotta be the biggest loophole ever… when are Pakistan actually in a competition! They certainly don’t have to worry about playing Australia..

Comment by Moses

It a shame English prop Matt Stevens didn’t read this…

Comment by Moses

I know, you can get spangled for at least six months of the year. I want that job!

Ah, alas the boy has had a taste of the media life dahling and has now developed a love for Columbian Marching Powder. The stupid cunt!

Comment by Suave

Dave, to be fair, that’s a little different.
He was flying back from India, from the IPL, and he was included in the Pakistan ODI squad that was due to play the next weekend.
If that’s not when you should be in training, or ready for competition, I don’t know what is?!

What would happen if it was found that Matt Prior was on smack? He’d be dropped for life.

The same should happen with Asif.

Comment by Suave

If i like pot once in a while, like most paki cricketers, i will make sure i have it when there’s no series in the near future. Thats how most cricketers do it…

Comment by Q

True Q, very true. And the way your lot are shunned by all and sundry, you’ve got about 9 months of hitting the bong a year.

High times, my friend!

Comment by Suave

Suave, Prior should be dropped for life regardless of whether or not he’s on smack. Call it poetic justice.

Comment by Dave

opium is just like doing weed right? that ought to ban life half of the saffers, half of the kiwis, sreeshanth, aussie selectors, half of the pakistanis, and all of the windies.

Comment by Sunny

No. Opium is like doing heroin, there’s a world of difference between weed and heroin.

Comment by Suave

It looks like Sunny needs a crash-course in drugs.

Comment by horatius

I’m a perfect teacher, too! The lucky fella.. Alas Sunny lives in sunnier climes, somewhere in ‘Straya.

Comment by Suave

High times indeed!

In Pakistan u get weed laced with opium oil… thats wat Asif was carrying..

Comment by Q

To be fair to him, I did something similar in Amsterdam, and the customs guy let me off, because I was leaving, and he didn’t want the paper work. He just told me to get rid of it, before I got to England. I did what I was told.

Comment by Suave

Yeah I took some back from Amsterdam to Paris and at the Paris station some cop randomly stopped us and checked us.. paki passports and all.. found the shit and said this much not allowd in Paris.. we said we were tourists and were in amsterdam and were told its allowed all over Europe.. acted all innocent and shit.. we were easily let off.. but i live in Dubai and would never try anything remotely similar to that here.. they’re dead against the shit.. very serious too..

Comment by Q

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