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Test Team Of The Year 2008

Greame Smith.

This should be obvious.  Scored shitloads of runs, is the best 4th innings batsman in world cricket.  If you had a run chase, you’d want this man in there.

Virender Sehwag.

Is the leader of the Church Of Sehwagology, and no more needs to be said.  Any that disagree on this selection, get burned at the stake like the witches they are!

Gautham Gambhir

Averaged over 70 for the year.   Was not out under 55mins once this year.  Scored at a clip of at least 3 rpo in every innings.

Kevin Pietersen

This was a tough choice.  It was either KP or Sachin.  Sachin’s probably appeared in a billion others top test team, so I went with KP.  KP averaged a couple of points higher, scored about 50 runs less, it was that close.  KP gets it, for being more innovative.  That switch hit, is a thing of beauty.

Shivnarine Chanderpaul

Lord Megachief of Gold averages 105 for the last two years.  More difficult to get out, than bloodstains on a fresh white carpet.  Is part of the holy trinity too, so you burn, if you disagree.

M S Dhoni (Wk) Captain

Dhoni, is actually the worst wicket keeper out of the top five sides.   Boucher, Haddin & McCullum all had more dismissals than him.  Even wanky wicky Ambrose has a higher percentage of dismissals per innings.  So as a keeper, he’s a bit shite.   But…  The boy’s got balls of steel, can bat beautifully, and is a marvellous captain.  So for that reason, he’s in.

Andrew Flintoff

He get’s the all-rounder nod, because I love him, and want his children.  The 10 deliveries that scared shitless, Jacques Kallis, one of the worlds best batsman, at Edgbaston should be enough.

Dale Steyn

74 wickets at 20.  Fast, accurate and strangely for a South African, humble and pleasant.

Mitchell Johnson

Is easily the best bowler in Australia, and was second highest wicket taker in world cricket this year.  If he can learn to swing the ball at his pace, he will be unplayable.

Ryan Sidebottom

Easily forgotten, since his injuries, but was amazing all winter, and most of early summer.  He picked up 47 wickets in 8 test matches at an average of 20.2, that my friends is quality bowling.   The boy can swing it too.  Let’s hope that the bad back sorts itself out, and that he’s firing for The England again soon.

Ajantha Mendis

Because he’s a freak.  Because he’s Splendid Mendis, and as he’s part of the Holy Trinity of The Church Of Sehwagology, you have to have him in the side.

12th Man.

I’ve gone for Hashim Amla.  So improved this year.  Was a lovely batsman to watch.

So there you have it.  Suave’s suavest XI.  You can disagree if you like, just add your comments.

Remember though, if you do disagree, I will have to hulk smash you!

Much love.

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Is Dhoni the captain of your team too?

Comment by 12th Man

He just about shaded it, as he’s not lost in any format.

Comment by Suave

One dare not argue with the gap-toothed hulk-smashing hand of Sehwagology, but pick nits one may if so inclined. And thence do we proceed. This stupid rule that there be only 11 members in a team of the year leaves a few heartbreaks hither and thither. The preying mantis aka the Adam’s apple of Sehwagology has been snubbed and there can be no greater snub. While some oxymorons (that’s Ryan for you. His family couldn’t pick one side and stick with it. The greedy bastidges wanted two faces of the proverbial cube) doubtless merit mention for their unassuming performances, others of the same nature *cough* ZAK *cough* get ignored. And what of the king himself? The one who stained many an Aussie pant in their own backyard before Graeme the Evil was but a twinkle in the eye of an even eviler saffer. This concludeth the rant.

Comment by Horatius

Ishant Sharma was unlucky not to get in to the side, but I needed a few The English players in it, because I’m bloody biased! He also averaged over 30. Which is not good enough based on the other bowlers figures.
Out of the three top left arm seamers, Mitchell Johnson averaged 29 this year, Sidey averaged 20.2, and Zak averaged 36.85, which is 11 worse than in 2007. So there was no way I could Include him this year.
Sangakkara just didn’t do well enough compared to his normal brilliance, only averaging 45 for this year. Most of the work against Australia was in 2007.

Comment by Suave

Then what sayest thou about the hairy-armed shrew-faced one? That his team is utter shite is through no fault of his. Besides I hear he weilds a mean drinks tray. Now imagine that for a second. Running in carrying drinks for Graeme the evil his arm-hair billowing in the wind. Ah!! That’s a sight for sore eyes.

Comment by Horatius

Don’t you think Mendis is chucker. 🙂 All enemies seems to be chucker to me.

It looks you have choosen a very fair (no bias) team. But including Sidebottom would be early. He is like Irfan Pathan who came and gone. We should give some time….

Comment by Hitesh

Horatious, I assume you mean Ponting? He can only play with the cards he’s dealt. And most of them were shite. He’s a rubbish captain, and his batting was poor, which is why he wasn’t included.

No, Hitesh, I don’t!! He’s just a freaky fella, and I love freaks!

But it was based only on 2008 performances, and 47 wickets at 20.2 in 8 matches is stunning. Only Dale Steyn bettered it.

Comment by Suave

Personally I’d of picked Daniel Vettori, as his wickets were all taken for New Zealand, rather than Ryan Sidebottom, whose wickets were all taken against them…

Comment by lentheyorkshirekitman

find of the year: ishant or jean-paul?

Comment by Sunny

Suave I mean that all enemies of Mendis thinks he is pie chucker similar that of Murali Case or even Yuvraj :).

I wanted to prove KP’s words as he spoked in the 2nd Test about YUVI.

Comment by Hitesh

There must be a rule for knobs like KP. If you keep getting depantsed by one bowler time after time after time, you lose the right to call him a pie-chucker even if he is literally chucking pies at you.

Comment by Horatius

I think, Muttiah Muralitharan should have been included in the top 11. And I am not convinced of keeping Ryan Sidebottom in the top 11. Rather, I think, someone from Makhaya Ntini, Zaheer Khan or Ishant Sharma should have been kept in the top 11.

Comment by Biplob Kishore Deb

I don’t think I disagree with any or many, just astonished that you put Smith at the top.

Sunny, I reckon Ishant.

Comment by Miss Field

Len, fair play lad, but I only wanted one spinner, and to be fair, Murali would come in, if there was a second spinner to play.

Biplob, Ntini is just a wrong un, so there was no way I was going to pick him, Zak averaged 36 with the ball this year, which is shit, compared to his average of 25 last season. He’s bowled well, but not picked up the wickets. And no-one’s that iunlucky, so he’s had a bad year.
Sharma was there or thereabouts, but I recognised the fact that he pretty much singlehandedly won us the two test series with NZ. I was biased on that one, and I’ve probably overlooked Sharma but hey it’s out there now.

Comment by Suave

No Jimmy Anderson?

Comment by Dave

What what! My Splendid Makes another team of the year.

Much appreciated Suave, well not as if you had any other options.

Imagine, he pipped Murali in his first year, Right now he is tearing up Bangladesh, next up Pakistan !

Comment by damiths

Ps- a great team, what about Micheal Clarke ?

Comment by damiths

He was close, but I went on positions, and Shiv wins hands down. I could have left out Fred and put in either ABDV or Clarky, but I loves Flintoff!

Comment by Suave

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