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ODI Team Of The Year 2008

Gautham Gambhir

Top run scorer, firenghi lookalike, allround 2008 superstar.

Virender Sehwag

Again, if you disagree, I will come down on you harder than the Spanish Inquisition!

Younis Khan

Averaged 54, with a strike rate of 94.  Top batting against subcontinental superstars this year.

Kevin Pietersen

Captained The England to a magnificent series win against South Africa, whilst smashing them everywhere.  Is about the only player in The England who can actually play botf formats of the game.

Yuvraj Singh

Annoying prick.  Destroyer of The England.  Averaged 108 against us.  Useful left arm filth too.

MS Dhoni (Wk) Capt.

Winner.  Of.  The.  World.

Andrew Flintoff

Along with Pietersen, mangled South Africa.  Averaged 50 with the bat, and 21 with the ball in 2008.  That is stunningly good.

Stuart Broad

Breakthrough year for Ricky Schroder, took 32 wickets at 25 and averages over 20 with the bat.  A good solid no 8.

Nathan Bracken

Consistently Australia’s best ODI bowler. 31 wickets at 18.  If only he didn’t look like a fucking girl.

Sohail Tanvir

Brilliant in all short forms of the game.  Bowls off the wrong foot, weird windmill action, and looks like an actionman.

Ajantha Mendis

What can you say about a man who took 48 wickets at 10.16.  Just freakishly good.  He’ll get worked out soon, and that average will rise, but don’t expect it to rise too much.  This boy has a world of talent.

12th Man

Muttiah Muralitharan

Probably the only year in the last 10 that this fella didn’t make it into my side.  But if it was a spinning track, I’d go with two spinners, and he’d be second choice.

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I am not sure but have you not missed Zaheer Khan. He may have not got wicket but he was as successful as Tanvir. I think Broad is the only doubt in your team but ya you can be right as you have less the sixes hit by Yuvraj against Broad 🙂

Comment by Hitesh

He would have been in, but he only played 10 games. If he’d have played all of India’s games, he would definitely been there.

Comment by Suave

Sachin deserves to be there because he singlehandedly won the CB Series in Australia.

Comment by Sunny

I think sunny is right. Yuvraj was better only in the series against England. I think you picked up because of his recent performance. If you see Sachin made a lot of contribution in the CB series and that too in finals.

If not Yuvraj surely it should be Sehwag who should be out of the team. No matter how good is his logics. You cannot get success by just saying logic. You really need to perform and I have seen Sehwag was not good for ODI at all.

Comment by Hitesh

I suggest we burn Hitesh at the stake for blasphemy against the one true god!!

Comment by Horatius

I love this remark of Sehwag’s so much of his partnership with Gambhir: “Some times we even sing songs between the mid-pitch chats”

Comment by Ceci

Hey, Horatius, If you dont agree its up to you 🙂 But sehwag has not proved good for ODI’s atleast.

Comment by Hitesh

Hitesh, in his last 13 ODI’s he’s scored 800 runs, at an average of 62, with a strike rate of about 125.

He had a shocking end to 2007/2008, where he averaged 19 for the CB series in Aus, but after that, he’s been all runs baby.

And non believers, also get burnt at the stake. Beware the witchhunt baby!

Comment by Suave

Muttiah Muralitharan should have been in the top 11 alongside Ajantha Mendis. Many would disagree about it, but I think, he is still a match winning performer who can dominate over the batsman.

Comment by Biplob Kishore Deb

Biplob, I see where you’re coming from, but I only want one spinner. If it were a turning track, then I’d play Murali, and that’s why he’s 12th man.

Comment by Suave

Strike rate of 125 bitches. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. 125 does seem sub-par for the God. Mayhaps somebody spiked his milk.

Comment by Horatius

Hi Suava and also Horatius,

Sorry for that comment. I never saw his last one year record and I feel being cheated by statistics. He was wonderful this year. Sehwagology has actually worked. I take my old words.

Cheers to Sehwag.

Comment by Hitesh

That’s my boy! One can never veer to far from the path of Sehwagology, without being lovingly brought back into HIS arms.

Comment by Suave

Good work recognising Younis Khan’s year. I thought I ws the only one!

Comment by Q

The problem with him this year, was that he hasn’t really played against any of the white nations, so no-one else saw him.
I have all-seeing eyes though!

Comment by Suave

2 Spinners if your playing in the SUB- C and 1(Mendis) if its elsewhere I say.

Hitesh needs to be spanked. He has insulted God Sehwag, called Splendid Mendis a chucker, what next? Saying Lord Megachief has an ugly technique.

Down with Hitesh !!

Comment by damiths

Indeed young Damith..

Although to be fair to Hitesh, he’s only showing a little Indian pride, he meant Pie-chucker, in the KP vein, rather than chucker in the Australian sense.

Comment by Suave

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