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Who has no idea?
December 22, 2008, 1:31 pm
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I was just ruminating on a comment in my last post about who is the worst captain in world cricket, and I reckon there aren’t many below Punter, so I thought I’d open it up to you, dear readers.

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It won’t let me vote Suavey!

Comment by Miss Field

Oh that’s better.

Comment by Miss Field

Good.. I picked the wrong interface for the poll, and it all went tits up.

Comment by Suave

I was gonna say… who has no idea… meeee!

Comment by Miss Field

I have no idea what day of the week it is! Let alone who’s the worst captain in world cricket.

Comment by Suave

no “all of the above” option?!

Comment by Sunny

There’s no way Dhoni is worse than Punter, so that wasn’t an option!

Comment by Suave

My vote goes to M.Ashraful…..yes ponting has been out of form .grumpy and ungracious in defeat,nonetheless he has performed albeit sporadically with the bat , malik has also been inconsistent wiht the bat…Asharful, who i am not sure if has hit puberty as yet,not that i am intrested,but has jus not performed wiht the bat,captain has to lead from the front,he hasnt.yes captain is as good as his team but then the other two who i have atleat scored some runs…but havent seen ashraful score any

Comment by V

A fair point, but I’m not sure.. Would he do as badly as Ponting with the same team? Maybe not..

Comment by Suave

I went for Rick the Dick too..

Comment by Moses

Dude you’re with the other 60%. Malik is closest but if he had the aussie’s resources he’d do no worse!

Comment by Suave

It was tough. For how much i hate Ponting and think he is a useless captain, Shoaib Malik is a lot shitter and worser than him. So i had to go for him.

Comment by 12th Man

Rick the Dick haha.

Comment by Miss Field

Not sure how well Malik would do with the same resources – given how much he loves bowling part-timers, he’d probably be throwing the ball to Hussey all the time.

Oh, hang on…

Comment by Dave

How about broadening this, to the worst captain of all time. Make it a list of 10, with Michael Atherton being top, 2nd, 3rd, 4th to 8th, 9th and 10th. I know it’s just gratuitous abuse but hey, wtf. I just wanted to rant about it for some reason.

Happy New Year all.

Comment by Leeds9

How come no ones voted for Mahela. Fucking prick is pissing the day lights out of me.

Comment by damiths

Voted for Malik, rather surprised that Mahela has got no votes. Is he that good not to be considered??

Comment by jdgoal14

[…] By the high standards of recent Australian captains, he has fallen short in some areas, although some of the harsher criticism that he has faced isn’t entirely […]

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Hopeless!! He is ungracious and immature and is poor in using tactics or innovative ideas. Give me Mark Taylor (from Wagga Wagga, like me!!) any day-at least he was intelligent and clever!!! Time for a new skipper for us!!

Comment by Maggie

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