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Have that you slags!
See how we slay all before us!

See how we slay all before us!

Have that you fuckers!!

After correctly predicting that Australia were piss-weak pansies (for those who don’t recall, it’s here.)

The Saffers proved how strong they are mentally, to defeat the Aussies, and chasing 414 in the fourth innings.   This is the second highest run chase of all time.  Pretty fucking good I’d say.

This brings me to Ricky Ponting.   Here’s some stuff others have written about the hairy little cockstick.  Jrod from the ever brilliant Cricket With Balls had this to say  “Excuse me Ricky“.

Also, take a look over at Beer & Sport, where Moses is in the mood for  a fight too!

What a prize cunt!

Firstly, he blamed the pitch.  Boo fucking hoo, the pitch was rubbish eh..  How come them dirty saffers could take 20 wickets on it?  Prick.

  • Maybe it’s picking two blokes with little or no first class experience, then putting them in against the two best sides in world cricket.  You’re honestly surprised that these fella’s didn’t bowl teams out?!  Fuck off dicksuck.
  • Maybe it’s because Brett Lee is weeping himself to sleep because his ex-wife is rooting someone with a bigger cock.  (I reckon your wife is too!)
  • Maybe it’s because you’re the worst captain in world cricket, and you’re finally being shown up for the half wit you really are.

All I can say is, there ain’t much love out there for you kid, so watch your back.. Know what I mean!

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You tell em Suave. There is this moron I know who picked the mofo as his trump player… twenty minutes into the match BOOM -40!!! If Sehwag is GOD then pRick must be the yellow devil.
P.S. Someone sent us a screen capture of an email account, they claimed they hacked his. So far I’m thinking its legitimate but we’d love to know if it passes the suav-o-meter.

Comment by achettup

By all means, let me see it, and I’ll pass my professional opinion

Comment by Suave

Great, here it is:
btw thanks for adding me to your blogroll

Comment by achettup

A pleasure dear boy.. Always nice to see a new kid in town.

Comment by Suave

Australia can’t win with Ponting at the helm, who doesn’t himself contibute and attributes the loss to virtually everything on earth. Drop him I say!!!

Comment by 12th Man

He’s a scumbag.

I’d replace him as captain with Katich. He did a grand job last season in the Pura Cup.
And look at NSW since he’s been out of their side. Rubbish.

Comment by Suave

you don’t think pup is ready? krab is the only other one with leadership experience. it would funny if pup becomes the aust captain while katich is his state captain!!

whats amazing to me is that the aust system is producing high caliber talent but somehow they are not breaking into the team. either the selectors are having brain farts or the team core is too “buddy buddy” to accept that changes are imminent. not sure telling the entire team that no one is safe does much for confidence or team morale.

Comment by Sunny


I don’t think Pup has the mental capacity for it.. If someone dropped a sweetie wrapper on the floor, he’d be after it screaming “oooohh shinies!”, and the over-rate would be even worse than under Punter.

Katich has experience and seems like a very knowledgeable cricketer.

Comment by Suave

While I agree with most of what you’re saying, I don’t think he’s the worst captain in world cricket. I certainly agree that Michael Clarke should avoided like the Plague.

Comment by Miss Field

He can’t be far off it, I can’t think of any that are worse.

Comment by Suave

Got to agree about Clarke. Making him captain would be an awful choice. Gonna happen though. Katich or Hussey would be a better choice although Hussey needs to start scoring runs again.

Comment by DreamDancer

That’s why I went with Katich. Captaincy seemed to spur him on for NSW, and Hussey needs to worry about not doing a Jimmy Adams!

Comment by Suave

Good point about Adams. He had the potential to break a lot of records and faded away rather rapidly. Not really a follower of Aussie state cricket so I’m happy to take your word on Katich being a good state captain.

Comment by DreamDancer

[…] 22, 2008 by A P Webster Australia, still reeling from conceding 414 runs in the fourth innings of the First Test, have made some changes to their attack ahead of the Boxing […]

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Maybe shaving his arm hair will work for Punter. Did he try that? With less wind drag on his arms, maybe he’ll step in and take a couple of crucial wickets with his swing bowling.

Comment by horatius

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Comment by Lesley Dewar

i’d love to see punter go too but i dont think it would happen.

does anyone think puppy clarke should get it ? isnt he being forever groomed ?

Comment by damiths

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