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Left Arm Spinners
December 19, 2008, 11:34 am
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Paul Harris is currently better than Monty Panesar..


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Currently you and me are better than Monty Panesar.
So Paul Harris should be.

Comment by 12th Man

Good point 12th Man.

It’s no contest.

Comment by Suave

monty is fast becoming a farce. took only 4 balls for him to ask his captain to have a man back. and then had the gall to spray gotham city. what a joke!

Comment by Sunny

I wonder if Harris elicits the same Monty-induced rage from the Saffers? The sort that has you “What in the good name of fuck do you think you are doing?” shouting and “Arrrrgh! You shithouse useless bag-o’-crap!” screaming at your tv.

Comment by string

Monty has a better beard though

Comment by Price

Sunny, Monty is a wet blanket. And a probot.
He has no mind of his own.
String, I like your rant my friend, that sort of thing is always welcome here!

Price, I’ll give you that one! Harris also has a shocking shaven mullet thing. That’s five years out of fashion~!

Comment by Suave

Paul Harris is more annoying than anyone I know, and for a south efrikan that’s an achievement and a harve

He gets his wickets through beign a complete wanker

Comment by Moses

He is a mouthy fucker.. But he gets 75% of his wickets from doing just that. He winds them up, until they give him the charge, and most of his are caught between the mids and long on/offs.. The wankstain

Comment by Suave

oh, Monty = wet blanket. thakt is all

Comment by Moses

I stated that mofo, 70-fucking-percent of his 49 mofo wickets are caught by non-keepers. screw me sideways.

Comment by Moses

That’s what happens when you only read the comments on the dashboard. It cut off the last half of your message!

He really must be an annoying cunt. That is all.

Comment by Suave

I’d rather have Michael Clarke as a left-arm spinner……..or is that too far?

And while we are on the subject…What is the fucking point of Jimmy Anderson?

Comment by Cardinal D of Sehwagology

Egads man, yes! We shall have no further mention of the little shit.

Don’t get me started on Jimmy Fucking Anderson. You’ll have me down the A & E with a belt round my chest!

Comment by Suave

He might as well bowl under-arm for the use he is

Comment by Cardinal D of Sehwagology

come off it… monty has provided us classics like the inzy-twirl-and-dive-into-the-wicket and the dhoni one-two catches…

fucking harris is ugly, has a mullet and keeps his left arm so low that you wonder if everytime he bowls he’d rather be scratching his balls and making that idiot face of his…

Comment by karachi khatmal

Kk nice work fella. Harris is an alabaster retard! Alas, monty has stopped developing and he’s stopped attacking

Comment by Suave

Have shaven mullet things ever been in fashion?!!???? I was scarred by the Botham haircut at an early age!

So having said that and I really hate to admit this, but it’s that time of year – I like Harris and his haircut!!!! And in a team of really reeeeeeally annoying saffers – I find him quite acceptably hilarious in a fey sort of way.

Monty uses herbal essences for his hair – I fear there is no hope for him. He needs to get real!

Comment by SixSixEight

Slot Sanath Jayasuriya in as a left arm spinner ahead of any of the bearded, mulleted, cue-balled cunts above.

Comment by Peter Della Penna

[…] themselves as the new Australia, merciless and ruthless with a deadly bowling attack (yes, even Paul Harris) and annoyingly successful batsmen, as Australia sink down the rankings to the level currently […]

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