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Mitchell Johnson is fucking good?!
December 18, 2008, 10:52 am
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When the fuck did that happen?

He’s turned into a cracking bowler, working players out, pace over a 150 clicks.

Fucking hell, I’m not sure I like this.

The tongue pierced tossbag looks like taking a wicket every ball!   5-2-5-5, in this spell.

Stupid piss brained Saffers.  Always bottle it when the pressure’s on.

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Don’t really think they bottled it, Johnson was just brilliant!

Comment by krishna

So it turns out Dennis Lillee was right about Johnson. We used to think DK was mad.

Comment by Tony T

Krishna, he was stunning. It was the best spell of fast bowling I’ve seen in a long time. But SA lost five wickets for 30 runs, in 10 overs. That’s just poor.

Comment by Suave

He’s bang on the money now Tony..

If they can find someone to support him, you Aussies will trounce the Saffers.

Comment by Suave

he is once in a genration bowler ..what else do u expect???!!!

Rock On Mitchell!!!…what a chokelslam..undertaker would be proud of you

Comment by V

it’s even worse than that they lost 5 wickets for 9 runs

Comment by krishna

I hate South Africans.

Comment by Suave

He is not yet a complete fast bowler Suave. He still can’t bring the ball in to the right handers. He is still a one-dimensional bowler, but a good one at that.On wickets without pace and bounce, he is not that effective though his stats in the recent India test series could be misleading.

Comment by 12th Man

He averages 21 in Australia! That’s scary good.
And 21 for this year too.

90+ mph, you don’t need to do too much, to be honest.
He’s got a great bouncer and a beautiful slower ball.
If he can get his wrist position right, he’ll get the inducker, and it’ll be good night batsmen.

Comment by Suave

Some drunk told you at the oval this year he was going to be pretty damn good.

Comment by J Rod

That’s a valid point! Not that I ever digest what you’ve said old bean..

Comment by Suave

Maybe now Australia can finally take Brett Lee out back behind the change rooms and euthanise him like one of those old horses that breaks down.

Comment by Peter Della Penna

Peter Della Penna. Great name by the way!

That’s a grand idea. He just hasn’t been the same since his missus done the bunk.

I’d give him the year off, replace him with Dirty Dirk Nannes, and see the beast rip through the heart of South Africa!

Comment by Suave

Once Brett Lee is out, he’ll be fine. But Michael is still hiding behind Lara. Poor lads, must be tough.

It’s obvious to me why young Mitch is so brilliant… he lives in Perth now.

Comment by Miss Field

That’s a good point.. You’d want to play so well for your country, so you didn’t have to stay there 😉

Comment by Suave

Precisely. It was strange enough that he, the more high-profile one, had to make the sacrifice for the relationship. If he becomes a superstar, she might buckle and move to Melbourne.

Comment by Miss Field

Wow, that would be a good unit down at the bushrangers, if he did that!

Comment by Suave

Yeah, then maybe someone could actually win against the Blues.

Haha who am I kidding.

Comment by Miss Field

The Blues ain’t gonna win shite, this year. Dirty Dirk is ripping them all apart, the MAN BEAST!

Comment by Suave

Obviously you haven’t seen their new ad campaign. It’s a real winner.

Comment by Miss Field

I haven’t no, I shall have to scour the web for it!

Comment by Suave

There’s link at my blog somewhere. After seeing it there can be no doubt…

Comment by Miss Field

Blues are fucking awesome, just not this year. shame, we’ll have to rest on winning 40% of shields ever for antoher year..

Comment by Moses

The beer is taking control now, eh fella?!

Comment by Suave

not any beers. free beers. chrissy parte tongith, followed by my fucking aweseome pale ale homebrew straight from the kegerator. I really should blog on my kegorator soon..

Comment by Moses

I need to learn more about kegerators. Please do.

Comment by Suave

will blog on it soon, but in a nutshell it’s a 19 litre keg of homebrew in an old fridge wihta tap drilled through the door and gas going into the side.

in oz we can buy live wort which i s minimal admin and tastes fucking ace. I’ve just kegged my 3rd “Aussie Pale Ale” and for me it’s on a par with Coopers Pale Ale. farking brillant/

Comment by Moses

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