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A discussion on the merits of Australian sporting mentality.
December 18, 2008, 11:24 am
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In recent years it has been suggested that South African cricketers, have no bottle when it comes to the crunch, as we all know this is shite.  They like winning, and are doing so regularly.



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They choke on big occassions. No doubt about that.
If Mitchell takes his career best in a match, it has to be superlative bowling effort too.
So, a combination of both.

Comment by 12th Man

One to the both camp then!

I tried to put up a poll, but it went wonky.

Comment by Suave

Try that Vizu then, Jrod uses that for his site.

Comment by 12th Man

On a similar note, i haven’t heard the South African rugby team choke like their cricketing compatriots. So is it fair to call it ‘South african sporting mentality’? Or is it rather their ‘Cricketing mentality’?

Comment by 12th Man

No, it’s more their cricketers to be honest, their rugby team has won the world cup twice, since they were let back into the international side.. I just wanted to see if I could provoke some angry south africans with the title.

Alas, I don’t think they have the internet there yet.. They’ve only just got electricity I hear.

I never get South Africans on here.

Comment by Suave

I never get South Africans at my blog, either. Dunno why. Stupid aardvarks.

Comment by Tony T

Insular fucktards, the lot of them!

Come and join the fun, you silly saffers!

Comment by Suave

I noticed that a while ago. I mean, surely the Australia/England is the most intense cricket rivalry, and here we are playing nicely together like kiddies in the sandpit. Although I avoid talking about the weather, after the last time 😉

Comment by Miss Field

Miss Field,

Sehwagology is the religion that brings us all together.

Comment by horatius

@suave, the democracy plugin for wordpress is pretty good..

I was pleased to hear the crowd last night chanting a drawn out “Daryll … Daryll … Daryll … “

Comment by Moses

Moses, is that only available for the I don’t host my own blog..

Comment by Suave

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