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Miss-Field Wins!
December 17, 2008, 2:47 pm
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After seeing the results of the latest ICC rankings yesterday, I have had to formally concede my bet with Miss-Field.

There is no chance of The England reaching no 2 in the ICC Test world rankings by the end of December, so I have lost.

I now have to humiliate myself in public at a test match next year, wearing a bright pink tee-shirt with I Love Greame Smith emblazoned across my chest.

Hopefully I can make up for this, by winning the new sponsorship deal.

So Missy, get your gloating in whilst you can!

I’ll let you all decide how I can prove this happens, so get your caps on and get the creative juices flowing!

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Why, good evening Mr Suave.


Ok, done gloating. . . . ahem. It has been an honour and a privilege, sir. Ashes bet, my dear?

Speaking of the forfeit, I have something else in mind if you would prefer not to wear aforementioned pink Graeme Smith attire. But I’ll have to post it, and you’ll have to look after it… so no burning it at tea!

Comment by Miss Field

Good evening, Miss.

Who would have guessed we could be so shite. Not me, obviously.

I say yes to an ashes bet. I’ll go Australia 3-1. Only joking, yes I will.

OK, maybe we could do that. What is it you’re thinking of?

Comment by Suave

My Aussie one day shirt! You’d look lovely in it at the Oval!

Comment by Miss Field

I could wear that, but it’d be too easy to blend in!

Why I’m talking myself into humiliation, I have no idea….

Let’s see what the opinion of the masses is..

Comment by Suave

Actually that’s a good point. Happy to hear what the others think though.

“Graeme Smith is my bitch” on the back? Can’t have wasted space.

Comment by Miss Field

You and the faithful get to choose, so let’s see what happens!

Whore it out at your gaff too, and see what comes back…

Comment by Suave

Its sad to see you lose Suave. The England have let you down.

Missy, please spare him the ignominy of sporting such a t-shirt.

Comment by 12th Man

Thanks fella…

It’s only fair 12th Man, I would have made her wear an I love the barmy army t-shirt had I won!

Comment by Suave

Love the “Graeme Smith is my bitch” t-shirt suggestion, but would also love to see Suave wearing a t-shirt saying “I sucked Pietersen’s knob”.

Comment by Mel

Mel, that’s a lovely suggestion, but I think we need to stick to something that isn’t going to get me banned from entering a test match ground!!

And next time, keep your smutty dreams to yourself young lady 😉

Comment by Suave


Why would people want you to wear something that you find embarrassing? I don’t understand modern life sometimes.

Anyway, of you want a T-shirt you can wear with pride to a cricket match, you can borrow my favourite. It has a picture of the Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band on the front with the legend “I love Tromboning”. It never fails to raise a smile from the academy lads. They think it’s a hoot.



Comment by lentheyorkshirekitman

I think “I love Graeme Smith” pink t-shirt would be the most appropriate. Also if we can squeeze in a closeup of Graeme Smith’s behind on the t-shirt that would be good too.

Comment by horatius

a combo of the above two ideas, “I played Graeme Smiths’ rusty trombone”

Comment by Moses

Well Len, it wouldn’t have been much fun if the bet’s forfeit had centred around each of us wearing our own team’s kit to a test match, would it? I wonder if the risk of having to do something embarrassing is what makes life interesting… and such bets fun haha.

Horatius, I may have got just that shot you mentioned yesterday at the WACA.

Also, I think it should be “Graeme Smith’s bitch” hahaa.

Comment by Miss Field

Have to say like the pink top idea – and ideally a shade that enhances your skin tones – so a nice strong fuchsia perhaps – nothing wishy washy, wouldn’t want London types thinking you are a stray Middlesex fan.
What about – “Graeme Smith – Missing you! [heart] Your dream boy!”?

Comment by SixSixEight

Miss Field, you beat me to it, its quite clear the Suavester should wear a t-shirt that says,

“Im G.Smiths bitch”.

There can be no greater humiliation !

Comment by damiths


In respect of losing this bet and your desire to kick Jimmy A in the bollocks, I was reminded of the Father Ted episode ‘Kicking Bishop Brennan up the Arse’. It wouldn’t be quite exactly what you wanted but if you could replace Brennan’s face with Jimmy’s, Father Ted’s with yours, and have underneath the line ‘kicking Jimmy up the xxxx’ (which is also a nice Australian link), I’m sure that would achieve a very nice effect.

Love the site. Cheers matey.

Comment by Leeds9

Thanks Leeds9, much appreciated!

Keep those requests coming, and I’ll stick a poll up soon, for you crazy kids to choose.

Comment by Suave

Leeds9 you are awesome, Father Ted was one of the best TV shows ever.

“Don’t call me “Len”, you little prick! I’m a bishop!”

Comment by Miss Field

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