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New Zealand – Still Shit!

Iain O’Brien in his blog yesterday said, There is a quote that goes, “you are sure of three things in life, taxes, death and runs at Adelaide.” Yet New Zealand made 203 all out, and Brendan McCullum scored 83no of those runs.

What the fuck were the rest of the team doing?  This is a pitch that Michael Clarke scored a century on, without one of his higher order players scoring a century before him, which is so rare, it’s like a blue moon, and a pitch that Brad Haddin scores a century on?  Rubbish, absolute shite.

I’ve read in a few pieces today, that Jamie How was unlucky, as Punter pulled off an absolute blinder to remove him, but that’s bollocks,  if he middled it, it wouldn’t have been caught, know what I mean friend!

That sort of wisdom is what makes me such a cricketing superpower.

Also, Brett Lee took five wickets, and at the moment you’ve got to be absolute cocking shit for that halfwit to take ONE wicket, let alone five!

So I reckon we’ll be seeing the Kiwis back at the bottom of the original test match team league after that shocker.

We now have the exciting prospect of a proper bit of competition, with South Africa due to play the first test against Australia on the 17th December.  Now that will be a test…

In summary, Australia look ordinary, New Zealand look shit.

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Greame Smith recently said in an interview: ‘If there is one attack in this world that is equipped to cash in on Australia’s weakness, it is theirs’. Since India effected a 2-0 win, their well-equipped bowling unit is expecting to effect a 3-0 whitewash on Australia? I don’t understand when teams talk with such optimism when all they have won is a series against Bangladesh.

Comment by 12th Man

It’s a valid point you make.. Their bowling attack didn’t look too clever against The ENgland recently, it was just that ours was worse!

Comment by Suave

12th, i didn’t hear Smith say that, what a wank, they have one swing bowler, and swing is what gets Australia, not tall seamers, we have tall seamers everywhere. The grow in gardens in Queensland.

Comment by J Rod

Its some bizarre game where they talk bollocks and expect us to accept it. Smith is a past master — probably been watching Hayden too much.

Happily… it doesn’t matter, bat and ball will decide.

Comment by Rob

They are cut from the same cloth Rob. Both eat orphans for elevenses!

Comment by Suave

When did Smith say that ? He is gonna be ripped apart in ‘Stralia.

NZ did show a bit of fight in that first test, but no finish like Zimbabwe.

I think Zimbabwe v NZ would be a fans dream.

Comment by damiths

Greame Smith is an idiot, and Tim Neilson has given a nice little firing shot back at him in the news today.
A very interesting test series awaits.

That, and the Kiwis will play WI soon, to determine who really is the worst of the old test nations.

Good times.

Comment by Suave

Not sure what Smith’s so confident about – everyone knows what happens when the Saffers come up against the Aussies.

Should be interesting to see how Krejza does, knowing how clueless the Saffers are against any sort of spin. Paul Harris got 12 wickets in a domestic game, and he’s shit!

Comment by Dave

[…] the Black Caps, a struggle to overcome Bangladesh was followed by failure against a vulnerable Australia, and the selectors’ dissatisfaction with the latter is evident from the changes that have […]

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