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A birthday post
December 1, 2008, 10:48 am
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For Shes a jolly good fellow, and so say fatty and skinny!

For Shes a jolly good fellow, and so say fatty and skinny!

It’s Kent Superfan, Sarah’s birthday,  and it was Durham fan, Douglas Charlton’s birthday yeserday, so I’ve been exceedingly good, and created a post specifically for them.  I’ll try to do this for any birthdays of readers that I know.  Unfortunately, whether I actually do it, depends entirely on my mood.  Today, good, therefore nice lad, here’s a treat.  Tomorrow, raging sociopath, probably not going to happen… You catch my drift?

Love from Rahul Dravid

Love from Rahul Dravid

A big Happy Birthday to you both.

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How lovely of you! I’m really very chuffed to be mentioned on your fab blog. Suave by name, etc etc!

Thank you x

Comment by SarahCanterbury

It’s a pleasure young lady.. I awoke in fine fettle this morning, so thought I’d do something nice. Hope you have a lovely day!

Comment by Suave

Glad to hear you are in fine fettle. You’ve increased the size of the smile on my face this morning, so that’s a good start to the day!
Shall do my best!

Comment by SarahCanterbury

Many more happy returns of the day Sarah.
Expecting you to restart the ‘Fail!’ picture series Suavey.

Comment by 12th Man

We’ll see 12th Man, i’ll have to see if there are any decent pictures out there.

Comment by Suave

Who the fuck are you and what have you done with my lovely RAGING Suave?

Comment by ceci

The previous post had the rage…

I am a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma!

Comment by Suave

Hello Suave – nice to have you back and thank you for the birthday greeting! Much appreciated. Made me very happy and that bit gayer than i was yesterday.

And further to your post on KC’s Hayden blog the other day: “I christen you Suave …” ?

Comment by D Charlton

Glad to bring a smile to the readers faces..

But I don’t respond to my own blog posts with a nom de guerre, is what I was aiming at…

Comment by Suave

Well Happy Bday Sarah and D Charlton. Hope you both had fantastical days !

Comment by damiths

Happy Birthday songbird. (You too Sarah)

Comment by lentheyorkshirekitman

Nice to see Suave in flirt-mode, although if I was DC I’d be a bit worried…..

Happy Birthday to you both!

Comment by Mel

Thank you all – I did indeed have a lovely day and have managed cheekily to extend the celebrations until this coming weekend, so all’s good!

Comment by SarahCanterbury

OMG I can’t wait for May 😀

Comment by Miss Field

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