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Own up, you pervert!
November 27, 2008, 4:56 pm
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Come on, who searched for this?  Whomsoever you are, this is for you!

Stuart Broad shows his cock!

Stuart Broad shows his cock!



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Not guilty Suave – I searched for “Kevin Pietersen + dickwad”

Comment by Mel

I think it might be the other sex searching for it to be honest, I’m The Gays favourite cricket site!

Comment by Suave

It wasn’t me Suave – although I must admit to doing a series of photoshops of cricketers and their cocks some while ago

Comment by ceci

That’s a fine rooster. I’m not one to associate Broady with large fowl though.

Comment by SixSixEight

It was me, forgive me.

Comment by damiths

They must have been attempting irony.

Unless they actually thought… nah.

Comment by Miss Field

I hear he’s very popular in the gay world!

As is Shane Watson.

You just can’t account for Teh Geyz taste!

Comment by Suave

I think the Australian selectors must be Teh Gayz.

Comment by Miss Field

by the looks of that men of cricket calendar, I’d say the same too!

Comment by Suave

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