Suave's Republique Cricket

Wrong ‘Un Fail


Here’s auld Fubsy not picking the wrong ‘un, and being done through the gate.  Oops.

Maybe he’s still affected by what Insane McGain said to him just recently..

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I loved the embedded French text Suavey.
However you say milieu for middle, not moyen.
I remember when captain KP was bowled by Chawla of a similar delivery last summer.

Comment by 12th Man

Where do you pick up pictures for your blogs? You generally seem to find the right picture you want to describe about!

Comment by 12th Man

For you

Comment by DamithS


Let me try that again.

For you

Comment by DamithS

Beautiful, Damith!

Comment by Dave

That’s brilliant Danish – what a ball. Love it. More of that. Ponting is SO done by that.

Comment by D Charlton

Shit – so sorry – i meant Damith! Sorry! Very small type on my screen. I need to get a proper job with a better computer.

Comment by D Charlton

damith, super work old chap. I reckon that deserves a prize. Tell me two of your favourite things about cricket, and i will create a post especially for you!
12Th man, sorry, but yahoo did the translation, and they’re always wrong!

Douglas, you’re a bad workman blaming your tools. Shocking.

And nice one fail funnies, nice of you to pop in to my little republic. Nice site too, i shall add you to my links on the left.
Much love, suave.

Comment by Suave

Cheers to Dave, D Charlton (Call me Danish and I will have to hit you with my trusty stinky fish!)


I like looking for lost balls and hearty laugh at the Indians.

Comment by DamithS

A joyous bit of youtubing there – and what a cracking compact leap of joy by Chawla – Monty kindly take note of how to celebrate

Comment by ceci

That is both a FAIL and a LOL.

Comment by Miriam

And what’s better is that Young Piyush got four other wickets to go with it.

Comment by Dave

Now everyone is talking about the American economy and eclections, nice to read something different. Eugene

Comment by Eugene

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