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Saurav Ganguly in “I don’t look gay at all” shocker
October 2, 2008, 11:38 am
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After the recent revelations of Mr Ganguly’s love for bags, our Indian correspondent, Jamish Singh Dorma has unearthed the following footage

It appears that most of the Indian side have decided to forgo the usual team bath and shower well away from Mr. Ganguly

This may or may not have anything to do with the video.

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Ballox allmighty. This man needs an IPL contract fast.

No man should fall to such lows to make money.

No man !

Comment by DamithS

Actually that should read an increase on his IPL contract!

Comment by DamithS

Icon he may be, bag carrier extraordinaire and inhabitant of surreal videos – but is he the darling of the fashionistas? No! Here however is a man BEYOND the known realms of fashion – Mr Croxnsox himself…

Comment by ceci

I understand people make their living in Indian cinema wearing ridiculous outfits and generally embarrassing themselves in foreign locales shaking one toady leg after another, but man, a cricketer willingly humiliating himself like this? That hurts.

Comment by horatius

I like how the video makes him look like a tearaway fast bowler, rather than an ageing Giant Alien Lizard who bowls about as quickly as your Dad.

Come to think of it, he dances like my Dad, too.

Comment by Dave

I think what they are trying to say is if you ride a Hero Honda that even Sourav can spasm like an uncoiled jack-in-the-box and Hritik Roshan can play cricket like Donald Bradman.

Comment by skchai

Damith, I’m with you auld fella, but he’s already got one!!

Ceci, I can’t help but feel for the pink one. He needs a one on one with The Suave. Crocs are a no no, and croxnsox even worse. I have hulk smashed for less, but my love for Sir Robert of Key holds me back.

Horatius, I know brother. I have an empty feeling inside now.

Dave, the wonder of television. If at all possible, I look suaver on tv than in real life.

skchai. It’s just a shocker allround. I had to take myself to a darkened room just to recover from it.

Comment by Suave

Nowadys this is comonly happening with these indian sportsman. It all started with sachin to do ads,the all the stars followed it.We can also see Bret lee,steve waugh and Brain lara acting in tthese Indian ads.

Comment by srivats

Srivats, tis true, but doesn’t make it right.

Comment by Suave

Any explanation for comments of Mr Geoffry Boycott about the fabulous four. Who should be first to leave in fab 4

Comment by Virendra Merchent

Virendra, it’s got to be The Alien Lizard king, Ganguly. Then Dravid, then Sachin, and lastly VVS.

Comment by Suave

Your wish is granted, Suave. GAL Ganguly is retiring after the Australia series.

Comment by Dave

Thats some serious cheese right there.

Comment by Samir Chopra

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