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Insane McGain

From our Indian correspondant Jamish Singh Dorma.

News in that Nice Bryce has officially been renamed Insane McGain (courtesy of our female gossip correspondant Ceci Masters), due to his exceedingly strange behaviour of late.

New photographs show that Insane McGain is working his way through the Australian team scaring them half to death. 

Your wife's at home getting rogered by the milkman Rick, she loves a bald fella!

Your wife is getting rooted by the milkman Rick she loves a bald fella!

Here is laughing maniacally as he tells Fubsy Ponting that his missus is getting a good seeing too, by the local lothario milkman.

Stay still Katto and Insane McGain may think we are already dead!

Stay still Katto and Insane McGain may think we are already dead!

This is Jason Krezja and Simon Katich pretending to be dead, to escape the pure evil of oppugnent Insane McGain, if only these two could exuviate and hide somewhere else.

Jamish tried to question Insane McGain, but was sent away with his tail between his legs, after being vilipended by the crazy eyed, griseous, leg spinner.

In a strange way, Insane McGain seems to become more roborant and agrestic the more he taunts his team mates.

Will this be the way to enlightenment, will he become a demon spin bowler, or will he return to the mansuetude of Nice Bryce, only time will tell.

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Hold just a flipping minute.

Has Watson’s injury got anything to do with Insane Mcgain!??

This is going to floor the Jrod. Or is he hiding in fear too !?

Comment by Damith S

It bloody well is, virus, my arse. Insane McGain is a master of poisons.

Comment by Suave

I ask some tough questions.
Its not pretty

Comment by Damith S

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