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Nice Bryce is proper old, I tell thee.
September 30, 2008, 1:37 pm
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My Indian correspondant, Jamish Singh Dorma, sends in a new report on the ‘Strayan squad.

He's not posing, he's catching his breath

Nice Bryce, with motorised scooter just out of shot!

A beautiful shot, from a splendid location.

It’s not a pose, you understand,  he’s fucking knackered.  The old boy is flat out like a lizard drinking.   There was no stairlift see, so he had to climb himself.

Nice Bryce had this to say to jamish…

“Get off my lawn, you little whippersnapper, I didn’t fight in the war so you could walk around with your trousers around your arse!  Bloody punks!”

Poor auld fella, someone get him some water, before he gives himself a heart attack..

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Have you ever seen a finer physical specimen at 36.

Those are the calves of a champion.

Comment by jrod

You sure about that Jrod? Why’s he tugging at the ol Hammy?

Comment by DamithS

100 steps to the top, and the auld fella’s blowing out of his arse, and holding the hammy. How’s he going to do when he’s on his 35th over and VVS and Dravid are milking him for fun.

Also Vanessa Paradis, Dita Von Teese and Melissa Auf Der Mer are all 36, now they are fine specimens.

Comment by Suave

Also, I just found my favourite girl Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power. 36.
Hubba hubba hubba.

Comment by Suave

He’s just feeling the goods.

Comment by jrod

At his age, he would need to check, bits start falling off 😉

Comment by Suave

And how rude is he to Jamish. The auld fella is really losing his balls.

Comment by DamithS

i’d hit that.

Comment by miriam

Mims, I now know you have a penchant for spinners. What with young Chawla, and now old Bryce.
It’s the long fingers isn’t it.

Comment by Suave

Suave, it’s not so much the length of the fingers but more that the spinner knows what to do with them. Quick bowlers are all too wham bam.

Comment by miriam

It’s always the leg-spinners that get the female attention.

Well, and Daniel Vettori.

Comment by Dave

Too bloody true Dave, Warney’s even getting a little of the Jemima Khan love, maybe I need to switch from off to legspin.

Comment by Suave

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