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Stupid Kiwi Administracats
September 29, 2008, 11:06 am
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Now kids, you’ve signed a new deal with sportswear manufacturers Canterbury for a new kit and kaboodle.

You look to your squad of players, and think “who would look good in this, and model this kit to it’s best”.

I know that most of my lovely lady readers would pick Daniel Vettori, maybe Brendan McCullum as a bit of rough?

I don’t know, I understand less about womens minds than I do global economics, and complex Belgian politics.

Shit, Uh'm a fucking ugly son of a bitch!

They're SuperMegaFugly's with a bastard arsehole twist

But Scott Styris, fucking hell, he looks like he comes from a very small gene pool.

Chris Martin’s not too bad, but surely they could have come up with two better looking fella’s than that?!

Stupid Kiwis

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The pig dog and the “editors note, he looks like a” date rapist, quite a statement they are making.

Comment by jrod

I’m sure Martin isn’t a date rapist, I’m just saying he looks like he could be one.

Comment by jrod

I would also like the world to know that Scott Styris is not infact a pig dog.

Comment by jrod

But that is true, I’ll happily argue that fact in a court of law!

Comment by Suave

You might have to after these posts

Comment by D Charlton

Me, the 13th Earl of Wymbourne, with my reputation, are they stark raving mad!

Comment by Suave

I didn’t call anyone a match fixer though, did i?

Comment by jrod

Exactly it’s one rule for the posh lad, and another for us proles. That’s why I started a republic, so I could behead the bastards.

Comment by Suave

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