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Geoff Miller has shit in his eyes!!

The touring squad for India has just been picked, and there are no major surprises anywhere.  Which is all a bit tedious if you ask me.

The three main areas of contention were..

The replacement for Mickey V, him of the central contract and the straight ball issue.

The choices.

Owais Shah

Ravi Bopara

The place has gone to Ace, as he’s an exceptional player of spin, and had a handy performance in India back in the winter of 2005, I’ve no problem with this one, as he’s shown class for The England whenever he’s played of late, and Rav The Chav has been smashing mediocre Division Two bowlers around all season.  I mean fucking hell, Tony Frost, some brummy landscape gardener, with myopia, averaged 80 in division two this year.

Second we had the wanky wicky conundrum.

Matt Prior and Tim Ambrose had increment contracts, which is like a temp version of a central contract, so were the obvious choices for the selectors.

Prior Deserved it, Ambrose didn’t.  The man is shit.  Can’t catch and can’t bat at international level.  IT should have gone to Essex Wonder Wicky, James Foster.  He’s the best wicket keeper in the country by a long shot, and his batting is reliable, and solid.  And to rub salt in to the wounds he doesn’t even get a shout with the development squad.  If I was James Foster, I’d be talking to a few geezers in dark corners of Essex boozers about where the selection panel live.  Know what I mean son?  A nod is as good as a wink to a blind man.

Then we get two them troublesome spinners.

The choices were Monty Panesar, Greame Swann and Adil Rashid.

They’ve picked The Sikh of Tweak, and gobby bloke.

Young Buck don’t even get a sniff, which is shit.

He’s the highest wicket taker out of any spinner in the country.  He’s taken 62 wickets at 30, and is a better batsman the Swanny, and has proven runs for The England Hedgehogs out in India too.

Jrod over at the peerless Cricket with Balls, had this to say…

He seems to have been chosen under the Ashley Giles selection policy.

“Sure he doesn’t take many wickets, but he can bat a bit, and everyone likes him, so lets take him along. “

The fact that Ashley Giles is on the selection committee probably had a lot to do with that!

Arsebiscuits to the lot of em..

Rashid is a better option, and he needs to be tested against quality opposition, to see where he really is.  Being sent on The Hedgehog tour again, is like sending him back to do the same year at school, like the big retarded kid with the sideburns who smashes kids up for their lunch money.

They sent him away to improve his bowling last winter and he took more wickets than any other spinner in English cricket.  What more do they need?

Some will say he’s too young, but he’s the same age as Murali was when he made his debut, and he was nowt special til he developed his doosra. 

And off spinners are shit heads, FACT.

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It is unlikely that England will ever play 2 spinners in India. So a second spinner in a 15 man squad is superfluous.

Having said that Rashid would have imbibed a lot on this tour.

Comment by Ottayan

I don’t know, they did it on the last tour, with Panesar and Shaun Udal, who eventually mopped India up to get a series draw. So I would’t be surprised to see spin twins again. It all depends on the pitch.

I’m sure young Master Rashid, being a good muslim boy would not have got involved with anything of the sort Ottayan 😉

Comment by Suave

Swann and Shah are experienced drinks waiters, which is presumably why they’ve been picked. Apparently, Rashid taking nine wickets and scoring a century in his last match isn’t good enough for the selectors, but if Monty scored ten runs they’d probably be orgasming in delight. Twats.

Foster will probably never play for England while Moores is coach, unless he moves to Sussex, in which case we can expect a suprise call up.

Comment by Dave

Agree with what you said about Foster. As an Essex fan I’ve had the chance to watch him play a lot over the past few years and he has become an exceptional keeper. Easily the best in the country.

Comment by DreamDancer

It saddens me Dave, it really does. The good thing about it all, is that Essex get to have him keeping wicket all season, which is nice.

Hi Dreamdancer, and welcome from a fellow essex lover.

Comment by Suave

What is better than testing the young buck at the centre? Playing any more junior-level cricket won’t help. I have seen Swann in Sri Lanka and i am not very convinced with his wicket taking abilities. Monty is consistent as well. That puts more pressure on the pace attack!

Comment by 12th Man

That should have rather read “Monty is inconsistent as well”.

Comment by 12th Man

It saddens me 12th man. Rashid needs to show his strength against the best.

And because I can’t access facebook from work, yes that was The Gris in my profile pic.

Comment by Suave

actually its not bad idea at all…as you have also mentioned…

of late we tend to overcook the spinners very much and eng managed to have an option…just in case…

Comment by Straight Point

We could get some shocks if we see two spinners from England side.

Hi Suave… I wanted that you change one of the link from to

Also add world’s first cricket bookmarking site “”. I too added you

Comment by Neno Cricket

Neno, all done for you fella.

I’ve also added you Dream Dancer (Go visit Playing Across the Line), it’s a very nice site, although smiling Glenn MCgrath pictures still give me nightmares.

Comment by Suave

Thanks for the add 🙂 I’ve added you in return. Glenn was lovely that day. It was the Essex game they played in 2005 where Cook got 200 and Bopara got 150 odd on the first day. I was impressed by the Aussies – they were fed up and tired but really good to all the fans – photos, autographs and general chat. They’re not all bad lol.

Comment by DreamDancer

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