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Dirty ECB Fuckers
September 27, 2008, 6:53 pm
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This is going to be short, very short.

I’m pissed and angry and Strictly Come Dancing is about to start.

Geoff Miller has dropped Michael Vaughan from the India winter tour.  Fucking right you might say….  Me too.

Then why has the fucker been given a central contract?  He won’t play this winter, so it should have gone to someone more deserving.

Fucking Stupid.

More to come shortly on Ceci’s county Durham, who today re-wrote the championship records.

Love you all.


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Shame Michael Vaughan wasn’t given this news earlier or he could have taken part in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Comment by Mel

I’d like to see Giles Clark in Strictly – think his salsa would make the earth move for me

Comment by ceci

You can add me and D Charlton to the league of Durhamites too! And remember Durham are mainly thick – take a bowler with a broken wrist, what is the best thing to do with him – why bury him at the bottom of a pile of the whole team – bless em!

Comment by SixSixEight

I totally agree.

Hey I was the guy at six and out. The blog has been retired. Plz remove it from your blogroll. Instead add my new and famous blog from the link in this comment. Thanks

Comment by ankit

Nice idea Mel, but his knees would never hold up. I’m expecting to see Graeme Hick in it next year, though.

Comment by Dave

Yes – Durham win – epic win – as epic as that Vaughan fail. Durham, Durham, Durham!

Then South Northumberland win some cup thing on Sky – and my Under-13 county captain was skippering them. Haven’t seen him since under-13. Made me feel almost famous.

Great weekend for the North-east, especially if you are not a massive football fan.

Comment by D Charlton

You could be right about Hick; it would have to be either him or Tresco, but if there’s one thing guaranteed to bring on a recurrence of depression it would be several weeks of listening to Bruce Forsyth’s jokes.

Comment by Mel

I enjoyed that cup thing today, even if South Northumberland is a slightly clumsy name to say.

Comment by Miriam

Well done to Durham and congrats to their supporters!

Giving MV a central contract = EPIC FAIL !
Shoulda gone to Denly!

Comment by Damith S

MIriam, it is known as South North – which is quite a nice name to say.

Comment by D Charlton do not forget Durham also won the second XI championship too..

Comment by ceci

Well, I for one, welcome our Durham overlords.

Here’s to it you cheeky northern monkeys.

Comment by Suave

Huzzah for Durham!

Broken wrist? Pile-on? Thick? Nope, it joes goes to show that north-easterners are ‘ard as nails. Physically, anyway. I’m looking at you, Harmy.

Can you honestly imagine Michael Vaughan in Strictly Come Dancing? He’d perform an absolutely textbook step, twirling his partner beautifully…except that he’d miss her completely, and she’d fall over. MV would then hold his pose before looking behind him and giving us all that “What happened there? I was perfect!” look.

And perhaps then throwing his head back and letting out a bestial roar.

Comment by Mahinda

Mahinda, that’s fucking magic!!

I’d pay top dollar to see that happen, I really would.

If you’re reading BBC Execs, you know it makes sense!

Comment by Suave

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!! Lovely – can we start a petition or something? This is a top TV moment waiting to happen – and it should be liberated to the real screens of the viewing public – Its what I pay the licence money for!!!

Comment by SixSixEight

I’ll sign 668 and I’ll get everyone I know to do so too.

Comment by Suave

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