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For Douglas Charlton Esq..
September 25, 2008, 9:39 am
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After promising D Charlton a prize for cleverly realising I was testing my readership here..

I asked him for two things to write about here…

This is your prize Douglas.  Enjoy

There once was a chap called Mahinda,

Who slept with a viking called Ljinda,

He showed her his shiny new balls

and she made kitten mew calls

once his helmet was horned he then binned her!

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Who is this Mahinda, surely not our most noble President ?

Comment by Damith S

Damith, no, not your president. But he can be whomsoever you want him to be. It’s Mahinda, a long time poster over at King Cricket.

If you follow the links above, you’ll get a better idea where it springs from.

Comment by Suave

Oh right.
Ya I did follow the links I got even more confused LOL.

Will keep an eye out for him over and KC.
Btw following on from your FAIL! posts I started a thread on the forum I frequent.

Have a looksee to see if you spot anyones you havent seen before;topicseen#msg8778

Comment by Damith S

Over at*

Comment by Damith S

You know who started the “FailCricket” trend?

The one and only suavester.

Oh yes, I am the original purveyor of fine fail crickets.

Comment by Suave

The world has not been the same since.
I will report all Fails that I find to you O’ Lord Suave

Comment by Damith S

Good lad, but I’m no lord, just the benevolent leader of a small republic!

Comment by Suave

Just registering my eternal gratitude here as well, Suave. Love it – thank you.

Comment by D Charlton

A pleasure.

Love the mail address too.

Comment by Suave

What the hell?!

All rumours and lies, but such is the internet.

Unfortunately, I’d lost the horns by morning. It happens to the best of us.

Comment by Mahinda

Welcome Mahinda.

I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about, Mr Droopy.

Comment by Suave

I find it a bit worrying that Douglas is registering his eternal gratitude for another man’s sexual fantasies…. blokes eh!

Comment by Ceci Masters

Ceci, you have to remember that Douglas is one of those proper posh lads, he’s an associate member of the MCC. Public school buggery, and all that, it’s bound to warp your sexual sense of self.

Comment by Suave

I’m anyone’s for a limerick.

I learned that at school.

Comment by D Charlton

Mahinda, you’d LOST the horns by morning? that’s very unlucky. For a lot of men the horns seem to return afresh in the morning.

Comment by miriam

When did D Charlton become a celebrity anyway?

Comment by jrod


Comment by Suave

No he has been mentioned in two of my blogs as well.

Have you seen her facebook pic, she is pretty hot…

Comment by jrod

No wonder he was so popular at posh skool.

Comment by Suave

Oi, you lot just leave public school alone. Buggery and biscuits (soggy) strictly optional. For most people, anyway.

Mims, in my defence, the horns had seen quite a lot of action the night before. Judging by the state of my helmet, anyway, which looked to have taken quite a battering.

Comment by Mahinda

It’s not optional when you’re as feminine and beautiful as Douglas I’m afraid.

He has no choice.

Comment by Suave

Hitler used to dream of a nation populated by the offspring of D Charlton and Stuart Broad. Lovely, posh, leggy and blonde (although there’s always the risk of Jodie Kidd syndrome for the girls).

Comment by Mel

I wouldn’t kick ms Kidd out of bed for earing crackers, I can tell you.

Douglas, you know what to do.

Comment by Suave

Jodie Kidd. Definitely a strange one. Not what I’d class as my type* (albeit as blonde, slim and leggy as they come), but she scores muchos bonus points for topping the Top Gear “Stars in a Resonably Priced Car” table.

She’s free to eat as many crackers in my bed as she wants. Not Ryvita, though. You’ve got to draw the line somewhere.

On balance Douglas, I think you should probably lie back, think of England, and take one for the team.

* Feel free to comment.

Comment by Mahinda

Ummm – only just seen this thread. Delighted you all find me so beautiful.

I’ve always wanted that – to be recognised as a gorgeous celebrity, cropping up in blogs across the world.

Comment by D Charlton

As the only person I know to have met you personally is Jrod, I shall have to defer to him on your gorgeousness.

You are a superstar though Douglas Charlton. Even if it is your Nom De Guerre.

Comment by Suave

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