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A quick one today
September 23, 2008, 4:05 pm
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Just easing myself back in…

Justin Langer………….

I'm a dwarf like cock face

He’s an odious little cunt, what.

Fucking hell, do people actually talk like that?

It’s like he’s reciting The Tao of Pooh at all times.  Fuck off anf become a “business speak” trainer, and stop polluting the BBC with your shit.

Thank fuck we won’t see him opening ever again, with that other shit head.

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Oh how we all missed you.

Comment by jrod

Where have you been?

Comment by Homer

I’ve been to London to see the queen..

Not really. I’ve been on holiday and trying to keep my job in this stupid vegetable named city.

Comment by Suave

Well come back ! Good to see the holidays hasnt dented your wickedness !

Comment by DamithS

Oh how I’ve missed your pottymouth!

I was at a recording of A Question of Sport last week and that photo of Langer is the ‘reveal’ at the end of the Mystery Guest round (sorry if I’ve spoilt the surprise).

Comment by Mel

Thanks Damith, if anything, Brussels and XL Airways have turned me into a super angry bloke.

I kicked Le Manekin Pis in his tiny dick the other day.

Thanks Mel, i’ll try to keep up the posts, as I am really raging at present.

Stupid vegetable town and it’s tedious inhabitants.

Comment by Suave

Glad to see you are back, most foul-mouthed blogger. And i am still waiting for my prize. I’m hoping it will be sweary.

Comment by D Charlton

Douglas Charlton Esq.. I’d forgotten all about it. Give me ten minutes to see what I’d promised, and i shall create a masterpiece for you.

Comment by Suave

Posted for you now Mr Charlton.

A limerick about Mahinda’s viking stories and shiny new balls

Comment by Suave

That other shit head? That’s no way to talk about Marcus Trescothik!

Oh, hang on…

Comment by Dave

Boom boom!

Tres is not a shithead but his head is full of shit.

Comment by Suave

SUAVE! it has been WAY too long!

Did my eyes deceive me today or is Langer sporting some particularly unsavoury facial hair at the moment.

Comment by miriam

He is, the little dwarf philosopher.

I reckon he’s looking for a part in the new Hobbit film, as a philosophical elf.

Comment by Suave

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