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Saurav Ganguly in “I love handbags” shocker
August 27, 2008, 12:34 pm
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He’s been known to partake in handbags on the pitch from time to time, but Suave can no reveal that Lord Ganguly of Uphisarseasthan loves to carry them whilst shopping.

Maybe Mims can help me identify the exact make and model so that you boys can also be “On trend”

Ooh get you, with your handbag

Ooh get you, with your handbag

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He’ll have plenty of time to go handbag shopping once Dhoni takes over as Test captain!

Comment by Dave

Suave, I gotta say I’m stumped. It’s very like the Marc Jacobs Sharpei, but the Sharpei doesn’t have those pockets and to my knowledge MJ didn’t make a pocketed variant.

Comment by Miriam

The positive sign is he is holding the bag, not getting someone to hold it for him.

Comment by jrod

True Rodimus, but he’s got a child slave taking the weight, the posh twat.

Comment by Suave

Obi Wan Kinmimsy, you were my only hope>

Comment by Suave

That kid is his daughter i guess, no child slave.
Maybe his missus is missing from the pic, and Saurav is carying the bag for her.
How ya doing Suavey, in Belgium?

Comment by 12th Man

I know that fella!

12th Man, I’m good thanks, looking forward to a holiday next week, so life’s good.

Comment by Suave

That’s his daughter? I thought she was some sort of child bag snatcher.

Comment by Dave

whatever she is Dave, she’s a wrong un, you can tell by the eyes!

Comment by Suave

Come on guys. That’s a pretty low blow. Attacking the girl now? Not only does she have to bear with a Giant Alient Lizard for a father, but also have drunk Englishmen taking potshots at her?

Comment by horatius

Oh yes, that’s punishment for being an alien half breed. It’s her destiny..

Comment by Suave

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