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You winning bastards
August 26, 2008, 6:29 pm
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How fucking dare they… That’s what I say.

How very dare they have a perfect ODI.  Bowl the opposition out for under a hundred and knock off the score for no wickets down.  Dirty The English Bastards!

Seriously, I’m happy as a pig in shit.   What a performance.  Stuart Broad was world class, his line and length were McGrath like, and the boy ran and ran and ran until he looked like he was going to be sick.  Then you had Fred & Harmison bowling quick and dangerously at the other end.  I’d rather not face that me sen.

The other massive positive was Matt Prior.  His keeping was exceptional, and the catch he took away to his left was stunning (if he learns to do that to his right, he’s made).  To follow it up with 45no, streaky, but the scorecards don’t say that.  Top job foreign wanky wicky.

My only real concern is Jimmy Anderson though.  Two games, 8 overs, 44 runs, at 5.5 an over.  Carry on like that girly boy, and Suave’s a gonna smash ya!

I’m in all sorts of pain today, slightly less so than yesterday, but still, it’s making me angry.  Today’s game, however  has made the sun shine brightly.  I finished work at 3.30 CET, which was when the game kicked off, I got four beers inside me, and The England have spanked the Saffers.  Life is good.  It’s difficult to be too angry after all that, but the rage is flowing;  by flowing, I mean trickling.  A nod is a good as a wink to a blind man, no what I mean?.

A big hello to Spearpoint, and an apology for not answering sooner, but you’re South African and nice, and that has confused me no end 😉

Now fuck off you ungrateful bastards.

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How dare they.

Comment by jrod

Now you understand why I’m hitting my knees every night praying for either Pollock to retire from retirement or for God to take pity on us poor buggers in RSA and reincarnate (as he was before) the dear departed Hansie.

Smith should then taking up a teaching post at whichever school of apology-making that Vaughan, Botham and some other previous English captains attended. He’s getting so good at it.

Although I wouldn’t want to give comfort to the enemy, you guys need Geoff Boycott back (an old friend of my family’s). Nor enough Yorkshiremen in your lineups.

KP should be deported. Our need is greater than yours.


Comment by Spearpoint

It’s a good point. You don’t seem to have a consistent line and length seam bowler, and I never realised how bad Dale Steyns figures are in ODI’s.
He was very magnanimous in defeat, even apologising to the crowd who booed them. Very funny.

I’m not sure about the auld mentalist, but we’ve got young Tim Bresnan in the squad, who should get a game soon enough if Jimmy Anderson doesn’t buck his ideas up.

You’re still ranked no 2 in the world, we’re ranked 7, no, you can’t have him, not yours. Thank WG Grace for his English mummy!

Comment by Suave

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