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August 19, 2008, 11:26 am
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Quick post, too busy, brain is mush.

Just wanted to say, YOU’SE ALL SHITE!!!

Up the mighty The Essex!

Hard hitting journalism strikes again.

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Not got pic…

Comment by Ceci Masters

damn. Should really preview before posting. Seems I can’t post pictures from work!

Comment by Suave

Hard hitting journalism eat your heart out! Our paper (yep, only one) can only aspire to such quality.

Comment by Miss Field

I nearly wrote; Oompah loompah stick it oop your juumper!

I am clearly a literary genius.

Comment by Suave

Sounds like something Michael Vaughan might say.

Comment by Miss Field

The difference being that I’m not crying like a baby whilst saying it!

Comment by Suave

Haha imagine if, at the press conference, while in tears, he’d just suddenly said Oompa Loompa stick it oop your joomper hahaha.

Comment by Miss Field

If more cricketers listened to auld Suavey, the world would be an infinitely better place!

Comment by Suave

I have no doubt. So, do you think KP is the one?

Comment by Miss Field

No. He’s no captain, he’s not smart enough.
I’d rather he stuck to being a great batsman.

I wanted Rob Key.

Comment by Suave

Yeah, didn’t everyone? I don’t know anything about him, except he’s a cult hero, chubby(?) and doesn’t play for England. It wasn’t likely, was it?

Comment by Miss Field

He had more chance than Freddy & Strauss, I reckon.
He’s a quality skipper, see here for more…

Comment by Suave

I think I had a better chance than Andrew Flintoff, sadly for him. Well if KP fails (and I expect to read it here first, in pictures) maybe the job will be his.

Comment by Miss Field

At least the KP era, although brief, will be entertaining.

Comment by Leg Break

OOOoowwhh yes, Chris Wright – lovely boy – nice hair!

Sadly Essex are a team who have eschewed the jumper. Oompah loompah stick it oop your technical sweat shirt not quite the same!

Comment by SixSixEight


Just love your rage! Damn near wet myself each time I visit. Shame you don’t post more often.

I know that you love KP but please send him home here – God knows we need him more than you. Political correctness and downright idiocy have made the South African team look like ballerinas on Valium. If you have a hotline to Heaven please ask them to send Hansie Cronje back – South African cricket died with him (although Pollock did a brilliant job until the political moffies finally pissed him off).


Comment by Spearpoint

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