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Who ate all the pies?
July 10, 2008, 2:27 pm
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Fuck me, I’ve been out all morning, and have not seen the live coverage.  I came in, switched the old viddy box on and what do I see, the largest wankywicky/slip cordon you’ve ever seen!

Fuck a duck, I know the lunches are good at Lords, but did they have to eat twelve, the fat cunts.

Also, when did their pace battery turn into pussy cats that can hardly hit the strip.

Twats and fat ones at that!

It’s got Miss-Field sweating at least, which is very good!

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Nasser Hussain was defending them saying they di a lot of weights and Holding said “I did a lot of weights but it never put weight on my stomach”.

Comment by Rob

I just cracked up about that too! Holding, telling it like it is since 1984!

Comment by Suave

You bastard, was just about to write this.

And I’m talking to you too Rob, Michael’s comment was a classic, but he could have added, I’ve done alot of weights but it never put weight on my stomach or gave me 4 chins like Kallis.

Comment by jrod

That is also bang on JRod. Where did those f*cking chins come from. Have they all been eating babies?

Comment by Suave

I want to see Smith given out when it pitches four inches out side leg stump as well

Comment by Rob

He’s had a shocker there. And here comes the collapse.

Comment by Suave

I can’t wait to watch the highlights on my new great big telly – they are gonna look mahoosive.

Comment by miriam

Mims, it truly is a sight to behold. It’s like watching a row of cows, all chewing on cud.

Comment by Suave

Boucher been looking tubby since the world cup but Kallis has become a monster.

Comment by Narkins

I love it when you talk dirty Suave (which is most of the time)

Comment by Ceci Masters

Ceci, I do it all for you crazy kids. That and the fact that I can’t swear at home any more, as The Gris is now word perfect at picking things up. Mummy called someone a fucking cunt in the car the other day, and Isabella chose to repeat that phrase verbatim!


Comment by Suave

I think Jaques Kallis may have eaten Mike Gatting. You can interpret that any way you which…

Comment by lentheyorkshirekitman

That’s a fair point Len, I didn’t see him at Lords today, it was either him of goochie who’s looking like a lords lunch now too!

Comment by Suave

At least I can count on my boys not to let me down.

Damn the rest of the world.

Damn them all. It’s over, Graeme.

Thanks for the link. My stats had flatlined. My own fault.

Comment by Miss Field

no worries missy. I know what it’s like. I’d lost three quarters of my readers, and i’m still only just over half of my normal numbers.
Get thee back on the horse.

Comment by Suave

That’s very optimistic of you to say readers. I say… hits!

Seems your team is playing for a draw again. Maybe I’m safe yet.

Comment by Miss Field

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