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Recycled post. I seem to have to recycle this every test series!


Fuck me, not again Vaughany, you retard.

He looks good when missing the ball, at least. No ugly hoicks across the line for this fella, no siree.


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Pietersen gets one in the head — do you think it has knocked any sense into him and stop him taking stupid runs?

Comment by Rob

He’s a daft fucker. I’d hate to be at the other end when he’s still on 0.

Comment by Suave

I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to know I read his dismissal on the Cricinfo commentary and thought of you!

Comment by Dave

Dave, ditto.

Comment by miriam

Thanks Dave, I’m glad that I’m in your thoughts..

Comment by Suave

Thanks to you too Mims!

I hope to be a little more regular for all you lovelies.

Comment by Suave

i thought of you too, and i linked to you.

Comment by jrod

Thanks to you sweet fellow my lad!

Comment by Suave

Heard a rumour Jim James is starting up a supergroup with Conor Orbost, know any details?

Comment by jrod

It’s partially true. He’s actually writing MMJ’s sixth album at present, but whenever he’s home, he gets together with the young buck, and M Ward, and play. Whether they’ll ever release anything is unsure at present.

Comment by Suave


Comment by jrod

[…] It is not fiddling with the rules to make it ‘more exciting’. It is not playing an awful defensive shot and getting bowled out. The solution, perhaps, is a World Test Championship, perhaps with two […]

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Don’t forget his subsequent classic trademark move of a brief, disbelieving look at the pitch after he misses the aforementioned straight one. I do love a good Vaughan dismissal! Ever the entertainer…

Comment by cdak

Could you mind your language or words.

Comment by Hitesh

Same old story with this fella. Hope you can add a dedicated link of this post and keep referring it instead of recycling it after every test match.

Comment by 12th Man

cdak, that is bang on. I love the fact he can make a rubbish shot to midwicket look like a perfect forward defence too. He’s a genius and i love him.

hitesh, no, sorry old fruit, but you’ve obviously misunderstood my site. This is the sweariest cricket blog in the world, and i’d upset too many of my readers if i was to stop now!

12Th man i will do that just for you young fellow me lad!

Comment by Suave

wtf is wrong with SA — their bowlers have less penetration than NZ?

Comment by Rob

Rob, they look terrible. I’ve seen more penetration at a Lesbian wedding!

Comment by Suave

They have put their unspinner on, that should scare them.

Comment by Rob

I can see the fear in KP’s eyes now! Or is that pure elation?

I can’t believe that Morkel’s only had one over today. Very queer.

Comment by Suave

Well I can’t smell anything from here, so i don’t think it’s exactly fear…

Comment by Spigot

vaughan called me up to say every time ball pitches straight on stumps he foresees the suave’s f@cking recycled post…and misses the ball…

Comment by Straight Point

That’s brilliant SP. I’m glad I have that affect on the skipper.

Oh dear, KP’s out in the 150’s again!

Comment by Suave

Out in the 150s again? Oh dear, I’d hate to have that problem…

Comment by Dave

KP! Honestly! gets a start and then gets out in the 150s AGAIN!

I watched Vaughan’s dismissal over and over last night. He actually looks better getting out than staying in. Perhaps he needs to bring a bit of ugly.

Comment by miriam

It’s a tough problem to be faced with, I must admit..

Comment by Suave

I know Mims it’s shocking really. I say drop him.

He’s the most beautifully dismissed batsman in world cricket, I must say.

Comment by Suave

Vaughan is always getting out like that. They say “oh that was a beauty, it would have got anyone out”. The truth is that only Vaughan seems to get out to them, the others find a way to get something on it

Comment by Rob

Well as we’ve seen today and yesterday clearly the opposition clearly don’t try as hard at other times, saving themselves for that historical wicket. That’s all they really care about, those lard arsed springboks, getting Vaughans middle stump.

Comment by Spigot

That and 10 lords lunches leaping…

from plate to gullet, the big fat fuckstains.

Comment by Suave

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