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What O Children. Suave’s easing his way back in!

I’m still job hunting.  Although technically I haven’t done any for a week now.

I was in Germany last week, living the rock and roll lifestyle.  Sharing Jack Daniels from a bottle with Jim James, the lead singer of the finest live band in the world (My Morning Jacket), explaining the similarities and differences of baseball and cricket to the ryhthm section, Patrick and Two Tone Tommy.

When it was all over, I was happy to be going home.  Three days of travelling, drinking, and rocking had taken its toll, and Suave wanted to be at home with The Gris.

A little update on the Cricket now…

Super Smasher

Super Smasher

Graham Napier is my new hero.  Not only did he smash the highest score in 20/20 cricket in The England against Sussex two weeks ago, his batting since then has been full blooded to say the least.  He smashed Yorkshire around like the little boys they are, to reach the FP trophy final at Lords, and then chose to inflict pain on Northants last night too.  Not only that, but as an all-rounder he then took 4-10 in four overs to really butt-fuck the saffers.  Essex have now made it to the finals day in 20/20 at The Rose Bowl too.  Top work young fella my lads

If this lad isn’t picked in the squad for the Stanford Millionaires game, something is seriously wrong.

Yorkshire might be out of the 20/20 competition too, after forgetting to register an Academy player, who has a Pakistani passport.  He did captain The England under 15’s whilst holiding a Pakistani passport, so it seems strange that the ECB will punish Yorkshire for playing him, while he captained The England whilst a Pakistani Citizen?!

Bad week all-round for the Tykes, and my sympathies go out to Len, my favourite Yorkshire man.

Check back tomorrow for a full preview of The England vs The Saffers test series.   Real hard-hitting journalism, or as I like to say.  Shit.  but it’ll be funny shit, about what I’d like every The England/Saffer player to do for me, if they had to spend eternity by my side.

Until then, as Len would say.  Si’thee later.

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From stalker to groupie, well played man.

Comment by jrod

Bang on sunshine! It was a helluva lot of fun.

Comment by Suave

Yay! you’re back! It’s been very quiet without you.

Comment by miriam

Thanks Mims, it’s been difficult not writing, or watching, but hopefully it should be a bit more frequent now.

Comment by Suave

Hurrah! You’re back – but where is the RAGE? Have you been homogenised by the Germans and are you a Doppelganger?

Comment by Ceci Masters

I’m too pickled to find the rage section of my brain at present Ceci… I’ve been pissed for 10 out of the last 14 days.

Comment by Suave

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