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Bloody Bad Light Again!
June 30, 2008, 11:43 am
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Suave is a bum at present, and is thoroughly bored of it, frankly.

I have to take a sabbatical for two reasons.

One, I’m going to Germany for three days of rock and roll debauchery, and two, because I need to get a job ASAP.

In the mean time, I bid you farewell, and promise to be back soon, and plenty fucking angry.



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Good luck Suavey!
I know the job market is not that favourable.
But i wish you find one to your liking ASAP.

Comment by 12th Man

Good luck mate.

Shame the job market there isn’t like it is here. You’d find a job in five minutes. Probably seven jobs actually.

I think you’re great, and you can tell those prospective employers that from me (cos that’s likely to help!).

Comment by Miss Field

Missing you already lovely RAGER.

The German rock’n’roll gig better be good

Comment by Ceci Masters

In totally unrelated to cricket news….IM COMING TO GREEN MAN FESTIVAL WITH YOU!!! that should cheer you up a bit (haha)…have fun in Germany my friend..I went to Berlin for a long weekend a few weeks back and nearly lost my mind!!!!

Comment by paulmcdonald

Enjoying your living it up.

We’ll think of you – when we’re drunk and throwing up everywhere.

You should get a job as England’s official Mr Motivator. That’ll learn ’em.

Comment by The Atheist

Just one word to you,


Comment by CricketGod

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