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Tipping Velvet Part Deux
June 20, 2008, 11:56 am
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As joint runner up in the short form tipping comp at SportsFreak, alongside King Cricket, I have to share my picks with the rest of the group.   As ever, I’m the last one to do it, as I require deadlines to get me into action.

Here are my tips

1. ODI at Portishead Park: Winner

I’m going leftfield here.  No Result, due to rain.

2. Portishead Park: Highest run-scorer

No-one, as there will not be a match.
3. PP: Most wickets

No-one here either.

4. ODI at Fosters Oval: Winner

The England.  Because NZ are shit.

5. FO: Highest run-scorer

Ravi Bopara.  Well the boy’s got to start scoring at some point!

6. FO: Most wickets

Ryan Sidebottom.  The oval is notoriously flat, so only the best bowlers will get any wickets at all.

7. ODI at Lords (no funny titles appropriate there): Winner

The England.

8. Lords: Highest run-scorer

Ian Bell.

9. Lords: Most wickets

jimmy Anderson. I reckon it might swing, and if he gets the slope in his favour, he may cause havoc

10. Shortest innings in terms of balls faced excluding not out batsmen.

Tim Ambrose.  He’s shit, he’s a wanky wicky, and one of them there foreign fellas.

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I direct you to an excellent website.

I believe you’re mentioned.

Comment by Astrid

Do I really look like the sort of fella, who reads a whole e-mail? No. I thought not.

I’m gonna whoop em all now.

Comment by Suave

I think you’ll be right with the no result.

Do you actually watch the Hoobs? I’ve been looking for a reason to mention them for ages, and you were my best bet, only cos of The Gris, naturally.

Comment by Miss Field

I’m more of a tweenies man myself. The hoobs are on channels with adverts, and I don’t let her watch them, as she might start getting ideas!

Comment by Suave

Portishead? Leftfield? whos doing the music blog me or you?

Comment by paulmcdonald

Sorry bigman.. I’ll stick to screaming at cricketers, you do the same for music!

Comment by Suave

Ads are the pits aren’t they.

And get this, today we were told that we’re the fattest country in the world. Now there’s something to be proud of. Hmm.

Comment by Miss Field

Too bloody right, now that’s she old enough to ask for what’s on the screen, I’ve banned em..

I saw that, go you fat ‘strayans!

Comment by Suave

Looking back it was an odd thing to say. My brain made a connection between advertising and fat people. Mmmm. Dunkaroos.

Comment by Miss Field

yeah down with ads. cbeebies FTW. My little dude has just gotten in to Peppa Pig … *oink* but we still manage to avoid the ads over there too somehow.

I thought about calling the next kiddywinkle Milo, until I remember my firs is already called Jake. Jake goes to playgroup to a brother and sister double act called Bella and Max though.

Comment by Spigot

masterceci is only interested in the tv as an aid to standing and shouting but weekend influx of nieces will see all out Dora/Peppa watchie marathons plus Fosters House of Imaginary Friends.

But who is your preferred wickey Suave – obviously not Timbo. I’m the Colonel’s Lady but quite like Tim – Read for you? or Foster? Prior???

Comment by Ceci Masters

Oh dear lord. Do the parents not think these things through?

It’s not that I dislike Timmy, it’s just that I dislike people who don’t score runs.

I’m a fan of Steve Davies from Worcestershire. Foster should be given another go too. I’m going to be doing a post about wanky wicky’s soon.

Comment by Suave

James Fosters home for Imaginary Friends.

Loving it.

Henry Blofeld’s Cat
Jayce Gillespie and the Wheeled Warriors
Trever Penney Crayon
Spongepinkbobby Squarepants
Pinkbobby the Builder

Comment by Spigot

Anyway, have you got proper work to be doing?

Comment by Spigot

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