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Suave say sorry.
June 17, 2008, 10:10 am
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I do, honest.

Too much time spent job hunting, in this period of financial instability (industry, not me), has rendered my brain a useless mush.

I’m having to re-learn lots of technical things, I’d forgotten, which are sorely lacking at present, so I haven’t been able to concentrate on Teh Cricket.

I miss it, but will be back and firing soon, hopefully.

Until then Comrades, VIVE LA REPUBLIQUE!

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Am missing your entente-not-in-the-least-bit- cordiale, mon vieux – Spiggy and Jrod can be quite unpleasant but no-one is as splenetic as you

Comment by Ceci Masters

Aww shucks, Ceci. That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me in ages! XXX

I will return soon enough, but I’ve also not had much to get angry about cricket wise. The England have been soooopeeeewb.

Comment by Suave

I’m not nearly as bad as him. I fear my mother might read my blog. On the other hand I assume Suave sold his parents for firewood.

Should I try to step up for the meantime? another decent compo maybe.

I know what it’s like to forget techy stuff. My brain has been rotting for the last 5 months and you lot have only expedited that in the last few weeks, can’t wait to start my internet-less nice hard job in july.

Comment by Spigot

I didn’t sell them for firewood Spigs, I used them as it!!

I reckon that’d be a grand idea old fruit.

I’ve spent the last year, writing processes and procedures, which is much more business driven, and I no longer possess the skills necessary to do my old job! Great references, but no bloody skills anymore. It doesn’t help that the people I’m being interviewed by, are all super techies. Geeky bastards, with no sex life.

Comment by Suave

The England are in fine form, aren’t they? Now we just need the Saffers to forget to bring their good players with them, and we’ll back at No. 2 in no time!

Comment by Dave

Hey sorry to hear you’re going on sabbatical just after i found your blog…it’s clearly hilarious

Comment by cdak

Come to Dubai – its the only financial market not hit by the crunch..

Comment by Q

Q, would I be able to get a drink in Dubai? If I can, then I’m there!

Comment by Suave

Hush, Dave!

Comment by Miss Field

Oh yeah, we haven’t settled properly on a tshirt forfeit yet have we?

Comment by miriam

I think there’s a sort of agreement maybe that possibly I might have to wear a t-shirt proclaiming … a mild sense of affection… for the Barmy Army, potentially.

Comment by Miss Field

She’s getting the full Union Flag T-Shirt, with I heart THE Barmy Army on it.

Comment by Suave

I’m not makin that. You’ll have to. Mayhaps Miriam might? 😉

Comment by Miss Field

One way or another, i’m gonna find ya, I’m gonna git ya, I’ll git ya!

We’ll sort it out kid.

Comment by Suave

Suave u surely haven’t heard much abt Dubai if u’re asking that question. Drinks galore buddy…whenever, whereever u want.

Comment by Q

Brilliant. Now to find a job out there, and I’m sorted!

Comment by Suave

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