Suave's Republique Cricket

Mims’ Made Up Picture of Pure Delight!

After Mims stormed the competition, to guess the correct answer of Basil D’Oliveira from the weekly quiz of wonderment..

Here is her picture-metaphor, with a wink to King Cricket for the inspiration

A cat not being indifferent to cricket

Well done Mims, you’re a star.

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Wowser! I love my picture, and the captions! thank you, Suave!

Comment by miriam

Miriam, my dear, you are most welcome.

Comment by Suave

hey there,
some fuckin shit this…nice blog…
added you to my blogroll too..

Comment by ankitmishra

Suave, I am so delighted by the picture that I may have to get it made up into a fridge magnet.

Comment by miriam

Mims, your favourite Toyger Ashraful is playing very unconventionally. 42.36 is not the kind of strike rate one associates with him.
Suave, what do you think of this Standford T20 event organized by ECB? There are also talks about having only test matches and T20’s and scrapping off ODI’s altogether by retired players. What crap?

Comment by 12th Man

12th Man.. I don’t like it one bit, but I’m too bust to rant properly. I will try to give you a post about it soon..

Comment by Suave

I didn’t actually realise you COULD run out of rant Suave

Comment by Ceci Masters

Never fear Ceci, the rant is always there, I’m just re-channeling it for a couple of days!

Comment by Suave

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