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June 11, 2008, 1:01 pm
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I’m tied up today, but I will endeavour to create Mims’ prize for tomorrow, I promise!

Two things to add today.

Giles Clarke is gonna get Suave Smashed.  Stephen Brenkley from The Independent is too much of a light weight to do the job properly.  When you grow up on the mean streets of Basildon, fighting becomes an important skill!

Pakistan = Rubbish.  They were beaten like an abused housewife by India yesterday, which is funny as hell, especially after Geoff Lawson wanted them to inflict serious pain upon them!

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They were beaten like anabused housewife by India yesterday, which is funny as hell…

good sense of humor suave…

Comment by straight point

Thanks Straight… As I wasing typing it, I was picturing them hiding in the corner, as India smacked them with a massive hand!

Comment by Suave

Like a Gondry film clip, only violenter?

Comment by jrod


It was like an ultra-violent gael-garcia bernal!

You sir, are a mind reader.

Comment by Suave

The funniest part about the match was the commentary.
Ramiz Raja once said “The umpire denies the request in the bowler’s favour”.

Comment by 12th Man

Ramiz Raja is trying to be too cool for his own good. Too many words, man.. A picture speaks a thousand words, but he likes to show off his vocabulary. Tosser.

Comment by Suave

Just heard the Wondrous Bobby commentating on the Kent/Sussex match whilst captaining and organising his field. Good commentary too.

Comment by Ceci Masters

Hey Ankit, welcome to La Republique!

Damn, I missed it. I was watching a gig last night.

Comment by Suave

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