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Weekly quiz of wonderment is back and bad!
June 10, 2008, 8:55 am
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Hello one and all,

It’s time for the weekly quiz of wonderment, so here goes!

Remember, you get a big shiny picture of pure delight as a prize, see here for previous winners!

Suave South African, now shakes uncontrollably!

It’s a tough one, so get your thinking caps on..

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Basil D’Oliveira?

Comment by miriam

Is it Barry Anderson Richards?

Comment by 12th Man

It’s Basil D’Oliveira, isn’t it? He’s got Parkinsons.

Comment by profernity

Basil D’Oliveira?

Comment by Dave

Was there a Saffer called Smoothie Parkinsons at some point?

Comment by lentheyorkshirekitman

Mims got it first up! It was Basil D’Oliveira! Mims wins her first made up picture of pure delight, and we now have two winners from!

Comment by Suave

YAY!!! Cricketwithballs is made up of life’s WINNERS, make no mistake.

I am just reading the Peter Oborne book about Basil D’Oliveira. It’s good – I’d recommend it.

Comment by miriam

Nice work Mims!

I watched the documentary based on the book last week, and I thought he was rather suave, so he’s added to Suave’s 1st XI

Comment by Suave

Of course he was suave, he played for England instead of the Saffers!

Comment by Dave

Oh so suave.

Comment by Miss Field

Why does he shake uncontrollable now?

Comment by 12th Man

He’s got Parkinsons disease, 12th man..

Comment by Suave

suave bell me you knob chomper…we have fleeting foxes to talk about

Comment by hillbilly

Ah, my phone was dropped down the lavatory on Sunday whilst drunk, and is currently out of service!
I’m going to see if I can get a new one shortly.

E-mail me slagbag.

Comment by Suave

is it the gmail address? i hope you fetched it out of the bog – u are used to that you mule…or was it the porn you were watching at the time…im sorry its just not cricket

Comment by hillbilly

I’ve just sent you one to your work address. Gmail is the one old heart.
Of course I did, although the dried urine seems to have broken it.
How did you know I was watching porn on my phone! GAH, Rumbled again

Comment by Suave

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