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Ravi runs riot
June 5, 2008, 9:29 am
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Well fiddle de dee, he\'s a bit tasty this lad!

Ravi Bopara went batshit yesterday, scoring 201no off 138 balls, to smash Kolpakshire out of the FP One Day Trophy.

He’s a super magic man.  Though he’s bound by shamen law, what goes on tour stays on tour!

What a lad!  He took 85 balls to reach 100, then 52 to reach 200..  His last fifty came of 16 deliveries!  Biff, Bash, Wallop!

That boy’s good!  Good and tewwible!

To top it off, he took 2-34, all in front of Geoff Miller, the head selector fella.

Ravi is averaging 91 in one day cricket this year.  He’s hit 455 in seven innings. Not bad, I says!

He’s also averaging 55 in first class cricket too.  Let’s hope he can convert the huge talent on to the international scene.

Ravi is my hero today.

That is all.

Oh, and Bon Iver too.  Any music fans out there should check them out.  I watched him in a church last night, and he was fucking magic, I tells ya!

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201 is good. yes. But he doesn’t half look like a midget (dwarf? elf? goblin?) at times though


Comment by Spigot

And with the ODIs against New Zealand just around the corner, too. Nice timing, Ravi!

Good practice for when the Saffers come to town too, what with Leicestershire practically being South Africa A.

Comment by Dave

Looks thrilled doesn’t he.

Comment by currycricketer

Hey mum! look at m… oh… ahem. yes I am a professional. This is what I do. I planned all this, and could do it again tomorrow if need be. Think serious thoughts Ravinder. Puppies with hurty tummies, that sort of thing.

Comment by Spigot

Exactly Dave, Kolpakshire got the hammering they deserve, let’s hope he can do that against the evil empire too!

Comment by Suave

And now Graham Napier’s clobbered 152* off 58, including 16 sixes! What do you Essex boys feed your batsmen?!

Comment by Dave

Essex are looking pretty tasty at the mo.

Comment by miriam

I don’t know, but I could do with some myself Dave!

Essex are always tasty Mims, especially the fellas.

Comment by Suave

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